Michael kors booties are being seen all over, this year. And it is not even winter!

How did this fashion trend get started, and what sets michael kors products apart from those of other designers?

Here, we will take a look at this very question, as well as give you a head-up on trends to look for in both boots and booties that are deisgned by  the famous designer Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Booties

We will also let you in on where you can purchase these sexy shoes, and who else has been spotted wearing them.

Not Just for Winter anymore. And even celebrities wear them!

Michael kors booties have stepped-up to summer fashion in a big way.

Although many of you may not have noticed it, yet, booties are a huge fashion trend this summer. Many of these booties are strappy in nature, and are not closed-toed.

The same can be said of the sandal versions of michael kors booties we have been seeing bot on the catwalk, as well as on the feets of celebrities.

Boota are clearly a fashion trend made for autumn and winter. When it comes to giveing your summer and spring outfits a tough, hard edge, look no further than sandal booties.

These styles are, most often, avaialble as high heels. Which means they look fantastic with tailored trousers, shorts, or dresses.

As Seen on the Feet of Celebs; Available at Many Fashion Retailers

Celebrities like Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others have been spotted rocking sandal booties this season.

Paltrow, in particular, was seen rocking a pair of michael kors booties in the style called “Emma”.

There will surely be more celebrities wearing these great, sexy trends as the summer wears on.

And, if you want to look like some of your favorite celebs by donning a pair of michael kors booties, you are in luck. Lots of different retailers offer michall kors booties, as well as handbags and other accessories.

They are available on popular online shopping webpages, as well as at local fahsion boutiques. For a great deal, keep a lookout for these shoes at discount or outlet stores.

If you can find these looks there, in your size, chances are you can get a great deal on a genuine pair of michael kors booties.

Trends to Look For

There are a few trends you should look for when choosing your pair of michael kors booties for this year. Look for other huge fashion trends of the year.

These include animal prints, bright colors, leather or imitation leather, metallic accents and colors, fringes, and stiletto heels, as opposed to platforms or wedges.

Popular hues include black and white, neon colors, citrus tones, blues, reds, digital prints, and metallic colors.

If you look for michael kors booties that also take advantage of one or more of these fashion trends, chances are they will be in style all year round.

Pair these shoes with skirts or dresses for a hard edge to your most feminine looks, or go for them with jeans for a casual look.

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