Eastern Europe was quite dormant in the past, but in the past few years it has seen a drastic change.

The enchanting diversities of Eastern Europe are now drawing plenty of travellers. Below are some best getaways of Eastern Europe:

Travel Destination Of Eastern Europe


If you are heading towards Bulgaria then visit Sofia first as it is an economic, political, and cultural hub of Bulgaria.

It is positioned near Mount Vitosha with abundant opportunities for outdoor activities.

The therapeutic and soothing benefits of the hot springs found here are also revitalizing.

Summer, spring, and fall are the best time to tour Sofia.

However, for ice skiing and ice-skating on the mountain slopes,

you can plan your tour in winter.


Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It is speckled with royal basilicas, museums and other archaeological structures. Night-life is very vibrant and exciting.

The 16th century town wall with 20 towers attracts visitors. The largest maritime museum at the Lennusadam seaplane harbour offers a peek into Estonia’s naval history.

Nizhniy Novgorod

It is Russia’s remarkable city. It is positioned at the convergence of 2 great rivers, the Oka and the Volga.

It was established in the 13th century, but has still conserved its ancient look.

The main attractions of Nizhny Novgorod include the fortress walls of Kremlin, the grandeur of yesteryears fair, along with the stunning exquisiteness of churches, cathedrals, and monasteries.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has played the main role in Russian history. The city prides unparalleled beauty with some of the best architectural monuments and historical edifices.

You can take walk tour around its street to enjoy the splendid sights that include magnificent palaces, numerous cathedrals, picturesque parks, beautiful rivers, and impressive bridges.

Winter Palace is the most renowned art museum that houses over 2.7 million exhibits as well as other artistic works. It is also popular as ‘the sunshine city’.

The Catherine palace is jammed with 18th century paintings and every inch speaks of luxury.

The palace is surrounded with 1400 acre of park that has beautiful fountains, bath-houses, large ponds, and bridges.

The Hermitage museum interiors have exhibits of classic Western artists. The interiors and exteriors of the Church of Our Saviour on Spilt Blood are awesome.

The walls inside are covered in mosaics, impersonating the paintings of popular Russian artists. This gold draped church is situated on the Griboedova Canal.

The Peterhof Palace is the spectacular summer palace of Peter. It has a garden that contains several optimum marble statues and antique sculptures.

The fountains at Peterhof still operate via gravity instead of electric pumps. The Piterland Aqua Park is Russia’s biggest water park that can accommodate 2000 visitors together.

Stolle pie is the traditional Russian pie served in mostly every Stollie Pie Restaurants. Night cruises are an amazing way of viewing St. Petersburg city.

There are many rivers and canal links, so it is also known as the ‘Venice of the North’. In summer, 22 drawbridges are open and shut at a precise time.

The 300 steps climb on St Issac’s cathedral is worthwhile, when you view the amazing panorama across St. Petersburg.

Walking tours is a great way to avoid traffic jam and enjoy the tourism.

Just make certain that you do not miss the highpoints and sight-seeing locations in Eastern Europe.

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