Spending hours at the gym won’t help if you do not follow a proper exercise regime. It is very important to follow a proper exercise routine and consume proper body building supplements in order to ensure that your exercises do not go in vain. If you do not follow a properly guided routine then you tend to work on muscles randomly, which in turn won’t yield the desired results.

If you work on your chest today and then again work on it the next week, then the whole effort is futile. One week is too long and the chest muscles get too much of a rest. You need to balance your workout schedule and rest sessions accordingly. For example, when you perform exercises for your leg and thighs, your chest automatically gets rest. You don’t need to take breaks between workouts. You can also go for test boosters as advised by your trainer to build lean muscle mass and enhance muscle recovery to make the most of your workout sessions.

How Can You Make Training More Efficient

Things to Remember

• You cannot afford to follow the exercises that people with huge muscles and body follow. This will do nothing but waste your time and increase the frustration and depression. You need to follow a guided path to your muscle development, which is very different from the people who already have a fabulous body.

• You have to target working out various muscle groups the same day. Reciprocal intervention is a strategy that should be followed by all body builders. According to this strategy, the chest automatically gets rest when a back exercise is performed. By the time you finish the back movement, your chest is ready for another set of exercises. This pace at workout sessions keeps the heart rate up, winds up exercises in less than an hour, and also intensifies the effectiveness of the training. It is important to note here that muscle recovery also forms an integral part of the exercise regime. You need to make sure that your muscles get the time to recover. Spa and cardio sessions can help muscle recovery.

• You need to allot time to different body parts for workout according to a well chalked out plan. You can work out on two opponent muscles and then again target them a few days later. You also have to allot rest days to your exercise routine. These rest days depend on your personal abilities, and you can put one or two rest days in a time frame of eight days.

• When you are trying to get a flawless physic, it is very important to keep a check on your food habits. If you take in unwanted calories, it will result in the accumulation of fat. Effective body building supplements accompanied with correct exercise can help you get a body that you have long craved for.

A Perfect Exercise Routine

Based on a tenure of 8 days, you can allot several exercises to your exercise routine. Here is a sample exercise routine that can help you.

  • Day 1 can be a day of heavy chest and back exercises.
  • On day 2, you can allot heavy exercises of quads and hams.
  • For day 3, you can keep workouts of shoulder, abdominal and calf muscles.
  • You can work on your biceps and triceps on day 4.
  • Day 5 can be a day of rest.
  • Light chest and back exercises can be performed on day 6.
  • Light exercises on quads and hams are ideal for day 7.
  • Rest on day 8.

A Quick Review

Organize your exercise regime in such a way that you can work on all muscle groups evenly and alternately. If you concentrate only on your back, your chest would get neglected. In other words, you need to strike a balance. If you do ten rounds of back exercises, you should also do another ten rounds of chest exercises. You must target to keep the efficiency of the exercise routine high and the amount of exercises low. Whatever exercises you perform, make sure that you do it effectively.

Though some people find it an arduous task to maintain an exercise regime and see the results that they wish, it’s not an uphill job. By taking the guidance of an experienced trainer, implementing the strategies listed above, and using a blend of the right diet, exercise and body building supplements, you can reach your goal of flaunting a shapely physique very soon.