With MechWarrior Online you can increase your experience and upgrade your vehicle in order to deal with more damage in online battles. In this game you will get hugely armored robots that walk along with guns but it is piloted by you. In this game you will get hugely armored robots that walk along with guns but it is piloted by you. One can see the position of guns and metal frame of robot at the screen.  However with time the graphics of MWO is getting more advanced as compared to other free-to-play online games.

This tactical BattleMech of MechWarrior Online is fixed in 1:1 timeline ratio with BattleTech universe which means in this year i.e. 2013 it equates to 3050 in BattleTech wisdom and this game will also pass each day of real life.

MechWarrior Online

About BattleMech

If we talk about BattleMech of MWO then it is defined as massively armored combat platform that makes use of same structure like skeleton which have mynomers (muscles) and actuators (joints). When all these parts are joined then this BattleMech becomes like a rough, giant, bipedal humanoid. The weight of BattleMech varies between 200 tons to 100 tons and broadly classified into four categories i.e. light, medium, heavy and assault.

BattleMechs possesses various types of weapons which include energy (flamers/particle projectiles/lasers), missile (short range, long range, streak short range missiles), ballistic (machine gun, auto cannons, gauss) and various electronic targeting/monitoring systems. In addition of these, BattleMech also makes use of heat sinks series in order to scatter large amount of heat generated by these weapons or electronics. The specialty of BattleMech is that it can operate in all kinds of atmosphere even in under water and zero-gravity.

There is term in MechWarrior Online i.e. neurohelmet which actually an interface between pilot (known as MechWarrior) and a BattleMech so that pilot is able to connect with BattleMech in a vastly responsive and straight drive approach. If a MechWarrior is an expert in playing MWO, then he knows the operational limit of BattleMechs which he pilots while covering the areas like critical space, heat and mass. A real MechWarrior always keep in his mind these areas especially in the time when there is stress of combat.

How a Gameplay Work in MechWarrior

MWO set MechWarrior into a team-based, first person, strategic battlefield in which the winner swim in war spoils  and get almighty incentive like C-Bill(it is a game currency). Every team consists of 8 players and these teams are eroded in combat in an surrounded battlefield. One of the key points to keep in mind is to communicate with your teammates whether it is in game chat, a third party VOIP solution or integrated C3. It will significantly increase the probability of success of your teams.

Since in MWO there are various weight categories, it helps in creating the team t evolve their roles on the battlefield. Light weight BattleMechs known as scouts helps prime battle group or commander of team in getting the targets and strategic information.

In this way the pilots of Assault BattleMech able to decide where they should put their resources in order to achieve the target. It totally depends upon the pilot of BattleMech how he wants to fulfill the load out and electronic systems of BattleMech in order to take out the desired role.

Matthew Anton has been playing various online video games including World of tanks from last some years. He has excellent knowledge of various online game and MechWarrior Online and thus wants to share it with the fans of online game.