Starting A New Business With Old PCs: How To Boost PC Speed For SuccessStarting a new business is very expensive, just ask investors that might be backing you. One way to save some money is to use old PCs in the beginning while you’re getting your clientele built up. In order to make them work though, you’ll need to boost PC speed so they don’t just sit there and linger like yesterday’s news.

Where would I Even Purchase Old PCs to use for My Business?

Many discount electronic businesses exist where you can pick up PCs and monitors that other people no longer need. You might also go to auctions for schools, businesses or government offices. When sold off these machines are often cleaned up for you to make sure no proprietary information is left on them. The benefit for you is a clean system to start with.

Now that I have them, what are some basic things I need to do?

You need to make sure that the PCs you pick up are no older than maybe 10 years and at least running Windows XP. If the machines you buy don’t have software on them, the place you buy from can often install OEM copies onto your machine so that it’s useable.

Others may leave that part up to you and if they do, you have a choice. You could install an old copy of Windows XP or if you want to be adventurous you could use Ubuntu or other leaner OS systems that use Linux.

These can usually run everything you need and if they can access the internet you can use Google Docs to conduct business rather than Microsoft Office. If you do not trust the software installed on a machine, you can do a complete install. Then use a program to clean up unused disk space (this will wipe old information).

How can I Boost PC Speed to make these Computers more useable?

When you have the computer set up in your place of business, make sure they not only work, but work reasonably well. People don’t mind using older machines as long as they are functional and clean.

  • You can delete the internet cache, delete old files if there still are any and delete any .tmp files that might be left around.
  • You’ll also want to make sure that you update your software over the internet, many companies support their products long into the use of machines.
  • Use a program like PC Healthboost to clean up the machine even further checking for issues that are not readily apparent until you run in to them. To make sure everything is on the up and up, this is the best way to go.

While everyone would love to start out with new computers for a new business, recycling older computers can be a smart and economic way to show that you’re here to stay. You have to match that up with a way to boost PC speed, so make sure to buy a copy or two of PC Health Boost to make sure those same computers can keep up with your business.