Career and technical education no longer have quite the stigma that they used to. Students are beginning to realize that they can spend less money on education and less time in school and come out with skills that are actually relevant to the workplace. While liberal arts bachelor’s degrees provide a broad understanding of many subjects and critical thinking skills, career and technical education provides a better chance for students to gain tangible skills that they can apply to a new job that is actually in their field of study. A psychology major will have to compete with hundreds of other applicants for the few positions available that may have nothing to do with what he or she majored in.

High schools across the country have begun to emphasize career and technical education with the goal of helping students graduate high school with skills that they can actually use in a job right after they graduate. They can also get college credit for the CTE courses they take, which reduces the amount of time they spend in university. They can simply focus on areas they do not know as much about and avoid repeating classes they have already taken.

CTE is hands-on in many respects, and that can get students more excited to learn math and science, according to Sophie Quinton of The Atlanticin a December 2013 article. These subjects are not simply abstract textbook topics they have to memorize. They can see their principles in action. Science, technology, engineering, and math jobs are on the rise, and getting students to study in these fields means that CTE has moved into high gear. Some states, like Texas and Georgia, have implemented laws that emphasize CTE.

Students who are into coding, web and app development, computer science, and other such fields benefit from CTE. They can earn the associate’s or bachelor’s degrees they need to get their foot in the door with an employer. CTE may also offer certificate programs that can also help them find jobs right after they graduate high school. In addition, vocational and technical colleges offer certificates that make students job-ready within a short time period.

CTE is the wave of the educational future, and it is helps students get where they want to go in their careers faster and easier than spending years in college. Get started today!