So, you’ve completed a gardening project, and now you’re left a huge pile of waste. Whether you built a new flowerbed, added retainer walls to a vegetable garden, constructed a French train or performed any other project, you probably have some waste leftover. Rather than leaving it stacked up against your house, however, you should consider the following disposal methods.

Master Gardeners 3 Ways To Dispose Of Your Garden Rubbish

Compost Bin

Depending on the type of waste, you may be able to turn it into nutrient-rich compost. This involves placing the waste in large barrel or bin and allowing microorganisms to break it down. As explained by¬†Earth911, compost provides plants and trees with beneficial nutrients while also balancing the soil’s pH level and improving its cation exchange capacity (CEC). Most home improvement store sell compost bins though you can build one using just a few basic materials. Once created, add organic waste like grass clippings, small branches, eggshells, vegetable peelings, sawdust and bark.

Recycling Center

Another idea is to haul your garden waste to a local recycling center. Most populated cities and counties have a government-operated recycling center where you can dispose of common household trash as well as garden waste. As long as you visit the center serving your city or county, you shouldn’t have to pay anything. Keep in mind, however, that recycling centers may prohibit the disposal of certain types of waste or charge extra for its disposal.

Professional Waste Disposal Service

Finally, consider using a professional waste disposal service. These are private companies that collect and dispose of common waste. Even if you’re able to dispose of some waste at a local recycling center, you may still have some leftover. Professional waste disposal companies will usually accept all or most types of waste.

Some waste disposal companies like Kingston Skips simply the process by providing customers with a bin in which to place their waste. They ship you the bin, after which you can fill it with your garden waste. Once full, you contact the company to request pickup. They’ll come to your house to pick up the bin and properly dispose of your waste.

It’s frustrating when you finish a gardening project, only to discover that you’re now left with a heap of waste. Thankfully, disposing of this waste is quick and painless. As revealed here, you can use it as fertilizer in compost, haul it to a local recycling center or use a professional waste disposal service.