Even though it may sound like a difficult task to make your house guests feel homey, it does not have to be that way. Sometimes, you only need a little generosity, a charming persona, and some additional touches here and there to make them feel at home and special.

Don’t ever let them feel awkward, out of place, weird, and unwelcome. Instead, make them feel honored, appreciated, and welcomed. For a little help, listed below are some quick and easy ways to make your guests feel at home in your home.

A Comfortable Place to Sleep

Expensive, luxury hotels are going up against each other over searching for the best beds and offering the most complacent and convenient sleep for their guests. But of course, some people won’t have a financial capability for that. Thus you should make huge efforts to provide your house visitors with a bed that will give them a good night’s sleep.

Be sure to have clean, nice sheets, fluffy pillows, comforters, and some blankets. If it is okay with you, try to offer your bedroom for them. Some may accept the offer, and some will not. But all of them will certainly acknowledge the offer.

If your guests will be staying for more than a day, then invest for an excellent blow-up mattress, a sofa bed, or a good mattress. You can shop for high-quality mattresses in any online store like BlackMango.

Clean Your House

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy: 5 Ways To Make Your Guests Feel At Home When They Visit

Cleaning your home should be on your top priority when people are visiting your home. It includes disposing of all clutter, some renovation projects, and some small home repairs.

Clean your floors thoroughly so that your guests will not get scared to stroll around your home without wearing their shoes. It is never okay to walk or stroll into your home and feeling like you are walking on crumbs or anything sticky.

Most importantly, don’t forget to clean the bathroom. One of the first things your guests will likely do is use the bathroom. As such, don’t take the bathroom for granted. Wipe it clean.

Give them Comfortable Slippers and Robe

For sure, a robe and pair slippers are some of the things that most people tend to leave at their respective homes. As such, it is always best to be always ready for this kind of situation. Provide your guests with comfortable robe and slippers.

Go for a bathrobe in a kimono style because it works well for both women and men. Also, offer them some throw-away slippers, especially for people who do not like to walk or stroll around the room barefoot.

Add Good-smelling Odors

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy: 5 Ways To Make Your Guests Feel At Home When They Visit

Even if you already clean your home, it will not mean a thing if it stinks. As such, make use of some essential oils, scented candles, or your home air freshener to cleanse and deodorize your home.

You can also get some fresh flowers or place eucalyptus leaves in a vase. Eucalyptus is both good-looking, with its heart-shaped or roundish leaves, and strongly scented foliage. You can either place fresh or dried sprigs in a vase and rest assured that your home will instantly smell and look good.

Furthermore, make sure to put some sliced oranges in your refrigerator. Oranges are great refrigerator smell absorber. Cut them into halves. Take out the pulp or the orange sections (eat them), then put some salt on the orange shells. Place them in a small-scale bowl, and insert it at the back part of the fridge. By doing so, you can effortlessly freshen your refrigerator.

Make Food More Accessible

Sometimes, visitors tend to get shy and don’t want to disturb you by asking for food and water. As such, it is best to leave a bottle or a pitcher of water, and a snack in their room. By doing so, your house guests do not have to leave their room just to eat or to drink.


Having guests in your home is a fun and exciting experience, most especially if they are your family and friends. Even if you don’t have plenty of room for your guests, you can do some small things to make them feel comfortable and at home. Follow the easy guide above and make your guests feel much more comfortable when they visit.