If you own a restaurant and have a carry out menu, you may be wondering the best ways to market this area of your menu. There are many different marketing tactics that can help drive more traffic to your restaurant.

In the United States, restaurants generated around $650 billion in revenue during 2013 and of course you want to ensure you get your fair share of these profits. Carry out is a huge way many restaurants are beginning to capitalize on earning more in profits. Today, just about all families are in a hurry, but that does not mean they do not enjoy eating at a variety of restaurants. The problem is that many would rather call in their order and then pick up the meal to take home. This is especially great for families with small children that want their children to have a healthy meal but do not want all the hassles of going to the restaurant with the little ones in tow.

Proper Signs

Marketing your carry out menu may not be as hard as you might imagine. You can easily place signs on your windows, advertise on billboards, or even place a sign close to the street announcing that you offer carry out.

Offline and Online Advertising

Offline advertising such as flyers and ads in newspapers will still bring in traffic while online advertising is often more successful in today’s marketplace. The reason being is that you can purchase ads from third parties such as Google where they will place your ad on local searches which is best to get people in your city or neighborhood to know that you are now offering carry out. The most important keywords to use would be take out, carry out, the type of food you serve, and even the town your restaurant is in such as Italian take out Chicago.

Working with other Restaurants

This may sound a bit bizarre; however, you can create brochures or flyers with other restaurants that are close to you that also offer carry out. This way, you will be providing customers in your area a list of carry out restaurants close to home which will save them time. Of course, you do not want to choose your competition but other restaurants that serve different cuisines.


Coupons online and offline are a great way to bring new customers. A few of the best online websites for offering coupons include Groupon and LivingSocial, but by just creating a Facebook page you can give your customers coupons and they will share your page with their friends and so on and so forth.

Carry Out Bags

A new marketing tool is the Covertex carry out bags that you can sell your customers so they have their own personal bag to take home their food orders. This is a wonderful way to market your restaurant while providing your customers with a product they can actually use time and time again. The bags will keep their meals hot or cold according to their orders and will be advertising your restaurant at the same time as your company logo will be screened onto the bag. To learn more about the food bags, visit covertexcorp.com USA.