We have seen “Viber” running down with the influence of WhatsApp new administration for voice calls. This new highlight on WhatsApp pushed the long time topper in the field of voice calls, “Viber” slip to the second place. It is not done yet, in the event that the news about feature Video calling highlight is to be accepted, WhatsApp is all setsituated to dispatch its feature Voice calling highlight by this month.

It is accounted for that the organization has experienced a trial among its workers and is all situated to dispatch the first form for feature calling administration. In the event that this happens, this could be an extreme rivalry of Video calls for Skype, which is said to be the “lord of free feature Video calling“.

This news is anyways, likewise appearing in the Whatsapp Status of the excited users going on and being updated.

The sources included that the new highlight of this feature may include the office sources and will be switched changing over the voice call into a featured video call with a couple of clicks or randomizations.

A secret portion of the media reports anticipate that “The launch would be in this month or the next and it could be first on the android users to taste this feature and make through.

We have additionally seen Jio with comparable highlights and features. Checking this, it appears Faceboo, Jio, WhatsApp must have a nearby rivalry and great competition this year.

This all may not resemble a long haul and competitive risk for Skype, however definitely it could harm its market up to some degree of tech.

On the off chance that this happens, there may come a period for Skype it purposely must be brought down “Simply like Orkut“. This update will be optimumly dispatched for Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 8, Galaxy S6, Xperia Z5, Lg G5 most likely however can be highlighted a little soon too.

By what method will you make WhatsApp Video Calls?

According to now, you may not make any calls from WhatsApp since the administration is yet to be applied. It will be marvelous for the clients of the application and additionally it can expand the business sector further too, like Whatsapp Web.

The Facebook Whatsapp Deal

Facebook tookover WhatsApp in 2014 for a value of 19 billion dollars, however when this happened, individuals indicated out this not be right move by Facebook CEO Mark.

By watching the things going ahead right now, we can see the wide and splendid fate of the Facbook Web on the tech world.

WhatsApp has officially presented free calling administration and it is giving a solid rivalry for Viber which is as of now in the field for a long time.


On the off chance that we number the charges that are accessible to make global calls, having this sort of free Application will be leverage and it will become famous online inside no time. The Money is all we want to save. Still there are a couple of dangers for all the administrations in view of internet fairness, which was raised as an issue among the clients of India couple of weeks back.

Unless it takes a genuine turn, that can influence the clients of web. Since WhatsApp has experienced a good and sound adaptation. An official declaration is needed for the dispatch of this astonishing highlight. Let’s see what happens 🙂