Pregnancy and motherhood are a special phase in any woman’s life, and the pain and joy that they go through cannot be explained in mere words. However, they will need to take a lot of care all through the pregnancy phase, and even after delivering their child.

Women who get pregnant for the first time make the mistake of rushing on the purchase of their breastfeeding bras. During the course of pregnancy, it is natural for women to gain more size on their breasts. Normally at least one full cup size is expected to increase after giving birth to the child, more so in the case of first-time mothers.

Don’t Rush on your Purchase:

Therefore, you must make it a point not to go for the breastfeeding bras, at least until 8 months of you being pregnant. Although the body starts producing milk after the 4th month, the body of a woman will go through a lot of changes, before they start secreting milk.

Therefore, if you rush on your purchase of breastfeeding bra, then you might end up buying smaller sizes, which will only lead to less a supply of milk for your baby. You will simply end up spending money on bigger sizes once you start realizing that.

Make sure that you purchase high quality breastfeeding bra, which comes with adjustable features on the chest band. That will help you in coping up with the growing size of your breast, even after delivering your baby.

Delivering a baby obviously means a lot of new expenses, and therefore you must consider smart cost-cutting measures to make it feasible on your income.

Some of the Dos and Don’ts that can help you Make Smart Purchase:

Of course, the body changes are unique for each woman, but there are a few things that are pretty much universal when it comes to all women. Let us check out some of the Dos and Don’ts which will help you in making sure that you are spending money on the right products.

When you make your purchases, make sure that you calculate your laundry days, so that you do not feel the shortage of bras on any given day. Since these type of bras involve active breastfeeding, they tend to get wet and sticky much sooner. Therefore, make sure that you purchase couple of extras to keep you going every day.

Try to avoid the products which come with underwires, because they might cause additional pressure on your breasts, which can not only be painful, but also lead to infection.

Also make sure that you try out your breastfeeding bra for a few times, and also try to hook and unhook it with one hand. That practice will help you while you have to hold your baby on your other hand in future.

Also make sure that you choose the bra which comes with proper supports. If you choose the wrong products, they might cause a lot of strain on your back. Don’t forget that your breasts will be heavier when they are filled with milk.