Did you always dream of your own “Garden of Eden” or Paradise per se but have been disappointed because of the small space? But you must not forget that good thing comes in small packages. And it is indeed possible to turn these tight, awkward, and narrow spots into functional, comfortable, and elegant outdoor retreats. Turn them into stylish, creative zones with a bit of a dramatic effect.

No matter if you want to squeeze in a makeshift garden in your living room or want an impressive balcony garden, you can create the same in the most inspiring manner possible. Are you wondering how? Then, here we have gathered a few innovative ways in which you can enhance your tiny space into a marvellous one with a few amazing accessories. Take a look.

Make The Most Of Your Small Space With These 5 Amazing Garden Accessories

Tiered Planter Boxes

If you want something that will complement the small space and at the same time spruce it up aesthetically, tiered planter boxes are a wonderful idea. You can just place your flower or vegetable in a corner and brighten up the space. Quite a number of plants can be placed in these kinds of planter boxes. These are an ideal way to draw attention to your small space. Also thinking about the growth of the plants? Don’t worry about that. The plants will be growing in a totally healthy manner. You must remember that the most crucial factor in the case of a small space is tidiness. You have to make the place look clutter free, both for the aesthetic appeal as well as the healthy growth of the plants.

Rocks and Pebbles

Spread the wings of your imagination a little wider and think of revamping your exterior design. Redecorating the outdoor can also be a great way to make your small garden captivating. You can purchase various kinds of rocks and pebbles and spread it along the pathway or driveway as a part of the decoration. You can also do these on your own. Just collect a few of them from the roads and paint them in bright colours that will beautifully complement the rest of the decor. And since these are tiny, they can easily fit into any space, however small it may be. You can also place them around the terracotta pots or the planter boxes as an accessory.

Water Features

Water can give your tiny patio or small backyard a serene and tranquil ambiance which can make it stand out from the rest of the other houses in your area. Well, the thing is everyone who has a garden, however small or big it is, usually try to adorn it with beautiful flowers and succulents. So, what you can do to make it look eye-catching is add something else like a water feature. There are a number of places which can offer you artificial ponds, birdbaths, or Fountains in Perth. And these kinds of water features are available in a number of sizes so you can choose the one which will best suit the kind of space that is accessible to you. These astonishing water features can be the centre of attraction which can turn your small outdoor into your own little paradise.

Furniture Pieces

Even if your garden area is not that big, nowadays you get plenty of different kinds of furniture that can work wonders for creating a stylish appeal. Try to incorporate some sleek and contemporary furniture like a small bench or lounger to create a cabana; you can also try a bistro dining arrangement with just two chairs and a tiny round table. You can splash some colours on it in terms of printed furnishings. You can spend your lazy afternoon or enjoy your morning tea if the place is decorated with some nice furniture.


As goes the famous song by Coldplay, lights will guide you home. So, make your small space feel closer to home by highlighting it with stunning lights. Use the various kinds of chic and innovative lighting fixtures that can bring alive all the creativity, hard work and effort you have put behind your “Tiny Eden”. Right from showering your plants and garden ornaments with radiant lighting, you can also create a magical interplay of light and shadow with the help of the right kind of lights.

So, what are you still thinking? Quickly purchase the planter boxes, pick quirky furniture, change the lighting, or bring home the beautiful Water Features Perth to give your small gardens, the Midas touch.

Author Bio: Sam Hill, a regular blogger on garden accessories like fountains Perth, here writes on a few creative ideas to spruce up a small garden like adding planter boxes or water features Perth.