Mutton is a very strongly flavoured meat. It has to be marinate4d well before it is cooked. Otherwise the proper taste of mutton will not come out. This meat is very commonly eaten in all the corners of the world. But when we focus only on Indian cuisines, then what we find that mutton has been a personal favourite for all the non-vegetarian eating people in India.

From Laal Maas or Rajasthan to Rogan Josh of Kashmir and Galouti Kebabs of Lucknow each one of mutton dishes are delicious and worth tasting. Not only that, plain mutton curry to mutton rezala are a treat to the taste buds as well.

Juicy Mutton Is A Treat To The Taste Buds

The main spices that are used to cook a mutton curry are cardamom, cloves, mace, nutmeg and definitely coriander powder; which bring some extra flavour to the dish. But the main thing that is needed before cooking mutton is the marinating of the meat. While you keep the mutton in marinade, you should mix the spices with the meat so that the flavour and the juice of the meat get mixed and it brings tenderness and softness to it. Many people use curd or yogurt to marinade the meat as it helps in softening the meat and it is even better if you can use 2 tea spoons of vinegar.

Mutton mainly requires slow cooking in a very low heat so that the moisture of the meat is retained along with the juice and its tenderness. The meat has to be cooked at a very high heat, and then it is cooked from a very tender to low heat. You should keep in mind the right time to add salt. Do not add salt to the meat when you marinade it. So, when you are half way through your cooking, then only you should add salt. If you are grilling the mutton, then you should keep a pan of water near you.

If you want to make kebabs from mutton, then you have to marinate the meat at least for 6 hours. This will help the kebabs to remain soft and the meat will not become chewy. Before frying, you can also refrigerate the kebabs for a few minutes as it gives them a firm texture.

Galouti Kebabs: when you talk about Awadhi cuisines, this dish tops the list. This is a type of kebab which melts in the mouth and it is made from very finely minced mutton and it is shallow fried in desi ghee. This goes best with paratha.

Khatta Meat: This special recipe has its origin in Jammu. Here the cooking happens in mustard oil and there is a huge use of dry mango powder in it. It gives a citrusy kick to the recipe.

Parsi Mutton Cutlets: this is a lovely starter which can be the opening item on any get together. Minced mutton, herbs and potatoes are the main things that are used here.

KoshaMangsho: It is a famous Bengali mutton curry popular for its rich taste and spiciness. This is a finger licking one for sure.