Designing a home poker room takes the concept of a man cave out of its dark, dingy connotations and turns it into a place for entertaining guests. There’s no shortage of products out there for the gaming enthusiast who wants to bring a bit of Vegas into the home. Posters, wall art, furniture, lighting, and more can be used to create a special, unique hub of Texas Hold ‘Em action. If you’re long on desire but short on inspiration, here’s a look at five stunning home poker rooms.

 5 Unique and Stunning Home Poker Room Designs

Gangster in the Corner

You know your home poker game has gone awry when someone draws a gun, but maybe things aren’t so bad if the someone in question is just a mannequin. Including this entry verges on cheating (it’s actually from a professional establishment), but there’s nothing here that can’t be duplicated on a residential scale.

 5 Unique and Stunning Home Poker Room Designs

That Elegant Touch

You’re going to need some serious scratch to turn this poker room into a reality, but you don’t need a lot of money to imbue your gaming area with a bit of elegance. Twenty-foot ceilings and marble floors may not be in the cards, but even if you can only take color and lighting cues from the photo, you may accomplish more than you thought possible.

 5 Unique and Stunning Home Poker Room Designs

Vegas in Your Own Home

Some home poker enthusiasts take pride in running a game free of the stiff, glitzy trappings of Las Vegas. After all, a well organized tournament can be just as fun when played in a garage with folding chairs as it might be sitting around $5,000 tables. If you want a bit of that Vegas pizzazz to go with your home game, however, you could do a lot worse than draw inspiration from this sharp example.

 5 Unique and Stunning Home Poker Room Designs

Sleek and Modern

Just looking at this picture can leave you wondering why you haven’t started working on your own home poker room. Blacks, purples, and reds dominate the color scheme, lending to a sleek, modern appearance that would impress even the most jaded grinder. Busted early? That’s no problem. Take a seat in that red chair to the right and enjoy what’s playing on the big screen TV!

 5 Unique and Stunning Home Poker Room Designs

Poker and the Silver Screen

There have been some great poker movies through the years. From the slick cons featured in Redford and Newman’s “The Sting” to the dark gambling fable of “Rounders”, Hollywood has given us more than our fair share of great poker cinema. With a home poker room like the one above, you can watch one of these fine films in style while showing off your skills on the felt. Of course, if the twists and turns on the screen are distracting you from your hand, you could always put on something a bit less compelling, such as 2007’s “Lucky You.”.

Creating Your Own Poker Room

Of course, the best home poker rooms are driven as much by owner creativity as they are by copying the best examples on the Web. Take chances with your own poker design, while still incorporating the elements that have been proven to work. Try to choose poker tables that will stand out. There are many games room furniture companies, such as The Playdium Store, that have new and used poker tables for sale in many different styles no matter your personal design influences. Make sure you provide comfortable seating, heavy poker chips, a dealer button that matches the overall design scheme, and lighting that is adequate without being obtrusive to add to the overall design. Oh, and plenty of refreshments; gambling is thirsty work.