Are you a fan of animated movies and want your kids to enjoy the animated movies. If you ask kids, they will definitely say that animated movies are one of the best kinds of movies to watch. Animation movies for kids guarantee and bring total fun and entertainment for the entire family which they can enjoy with each other. Animation is all together a different world and Watching an animated film takes you to that world which you always dreamed off. It has every ingredient to attract kids and parents as well like the vibrant colors and special effects are just an amusement experience. When kids experience the real thing than they learn it and remember it for longer time.

There are many animated movies we can’t forget such as all time favorites Tom and Jerry, personal favorite Aladdin, Mickey and Friends, and endless list. Those were some magical times which every parent enjoyed in their childhood and even today you will not get tired of watching a good animated delightful story. With superior technology animation has grown and knows no boundaries since those times. We have seen some outstanding technology and visual effects in some recent animation movies. We all have been fans of Disney movies, and movies from other companies offering funny yet very attractive cartoons. Colors and shapes always attract kids and when you provide them these things on TV screen, they look real and live make kids happy.

Have you heard of tutitu tv? It is a booming 3D animation video series for kids’ age 2-3 years. Here kids introduced to a welcoming red hovercraft named TuTiTu, this animated character guides them in discovering various games such as building blocks it make them learn the basic of building blocks. Every toy in tutitu comes alive and makes kids learn faster and promotes them to call every character with their names. It provides great learning to your kids and increases their memory power as well. It is great way to spend some quality time with kids out of your busy schedule.

This video series educate kid’s new words from vocabulary, and promote inquisitiveness and creativity among them, which is good for their brain. Tutitu is world where kids can learn English through its amazing songs and they learn it while singing-along to the innovative lyrics and blissful tune. This animation series are so popular that it is available in growing number of languages, and it helps kids to learn more and more new language. Animation is best way to engage kids where they can learn and enjoy at the same time, learning should never be tedious job, and we should make efforts to make it more and more joyful.

Tutitu TV is nothing less than a magic for kids where kids get fascinated and experience some real games and understand its working. Not only games but even video help kids learn new words and use of those words in sentence. It would be great new learning concept.