The popularity of homeschooling has increased significantly in the recent past. This is attributed to more parents knowing its benefits compared to attending formal private or public school. Credible research shows that homeschooled kids perform better in standardised tests and are more actively involved outside their homes in music, sports, field trips, clubs and engage more in volunteer work. These kids also engage more in public meetings and community work because their learning environment gives them the opportunity to learn with full access to the real world in a family-based living. When they go to college they also perform better than most kids who attend public or private schools. Here are some of the primary benefits of homeschooling.


Kids who learn from home are able to learn in a more flexible manner since their parents can customise their education plans to suit the kids’ interests and learning styles. Parents have full control of their children’s learning and as a result, they can easily be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the kids. This allows the parents to concentrate on the kids’ areas of weaknesses to ensure the kids are more engaged with what they are interested in. furthermore, homeschooling also give the kids an opportunity to learn even other real life activities such as book keeping, cooking and babysitting amongst others.

Physical freedom

Learning from home allows the children to get more freedom since they do not have to follow school hours or the school calendar. As a result, the families of the homeschooled kids can conveniently arrange things such as vacations during off seasons or visits to the museums amongst other things which kids who go to formal schools cannot enjoy during the school times. The home schooled kids, therefore, get the opportunity to satisfy their curiosities by observing different things away from school such as observing a caterpillar eat its way across a leaf or other interesting things.

Emotional freedom

In almost all formal schools there are bullies and children are prone to being influenced by peer pressure. This is also a lot of unhealthy competition amongst children and this might affect the children emotionally. These things usually lower the self-esteem of the children and might affect them even when they are grown. However, while learning from home a child can do what he or she wants without worrying about other people and as a result, such children are emotionally stronger even in their adulthood.

Time to be a Child

Homeschooled children have more free time where they can play with the neighbors’ kids and get more time to do things which are liked by children. This gives them an opportunity to enjoy their childhood in the right manner. Consequently, they grow up to be complete since they enjoyed all childhood things they like.

Family and Love

A stronger bond is built through the child spending more time with family members. The child is able to feel more loved and appreciated by spending more time with loving people and therefore, appreciates more the importance of being part of a family.

Eradicate Boredom

Since the children who learn at home learn at their own style they do not get to waste time waiting for other kids to catch up. As a result, the homeschooled kids rarely gets bored since they are always engaged in interesting things as they try to learn more.


While learning at home the parent will be able to focus more on the areas the child has difficulty in learning. This is usually done in the appropriate pace since the kid is not competing with anyone. As a result, such a kid is able to understand better compared to when attending a conventional school


Homeschooled kids can enjoy the sun and other activities at their own leisure. Parents of such kids can also observe the diet of their kids and this plays an important role in enhancing the health of such kids.

In the past homeschooling was only popular in the rural areas. However, it is now popular almost everywhere especially because of the technological advancement where kids can learn digitally from their homes and enjoy the outlined benefits.