To help students plan their strategy in a well-defined manner, CBSE sample papers contribute a lot. They not only help students strategize their preparations but also guide them in the right direction. In this blog, we shall be talking about some of the important tips that will help you score better and prepare strategically for the Maths paper.

In order to answer numerical based questions, students should be well-versed with the key concepts, derivations and their inferences on their finger tips. It is important to focus on them seriously. Since the board examination is strictly based on NCERT text book, it is important to go through them carefully and understand all the key concepts. After understanding all the concepts and doing a critical reading of the text, it is important to see the examples solved and practice with Grade 9 Maths exam papers.

Solving Grade 9 Maths exam papers is a great way to stay ahead. These papers are an effective tool to help students recognize their stronger and weak areas. These papers help students optimize their score for the better and prepare accordingly. There are many educational websites that offer sample papers with a blend of topics like geometry, algebra, statistics and so on. These sample papers are ideal for students who wish to baseline themselves while starting the preparation. Other than being rich and dynamic in content, CBSE sample papers also enhance the academic knowledge of students.

Some important tips for solving CBSE sample papers:

  • When solving Grade 9 Maths exam papers, try to offer it in a stimulated test environment. Set a clock so that you can answer all the questions in a defined time frame.
  • Check the solutions only after attempting all the questions.
  • Do not forget to see the marks corresponding to the question before giving answers. Spending a lot of time on answering questions with unnecessary points does not sound logical.
  • Make a table or diagram to practice. After solving the exam, check the answers and analyze your performance.
  • If there are some sections that need improvement, you need to study again and then attempt the next sample paper.

Importance of solving CBSE sample papers:

  • The most crucial factor in any examination is the potential to solve the question paper in time and with full accuracy. CBSE sample papers multiply the accuracy level and allow students to curb the errors. This further results in an overall high score.
  • Sample papers help understand the type and pattern of frequently asked questions in the examination. This also helps to retain confidence with the actual examination.
  • Sample papers offer a thorough revision of important sections of all topics. Students also incorporate better time management skills within them.


With so much importance devoted to CBSE board examination, it is important that students are well-prepared to qualify in them. Solving these papers is worth the effort and also help students get rid of fear and anxiety on the exam day.