While choosing the right surgeon for your cosmetic surgery is quite essential, the choice of the clinic in which you will get the surgery done and recuperate post surgery is also equally important. Every year, millions of cosmetic surgeries are performed in the country. There are a lot of clinics that offer aesthetic surgeries across the country. The most important thing to consider when looking for cosmetic clinics is that the clinic is authorized and licensed to conduct surgeries. Different countries have different authorizing bodies. In Dubai, the Health Authority Licensing Board ensures that the clinics have the proper equipment and facilities for surgery. Hence when you are choosing cosmetic clinics in Dubai, you should ensure that the clinic has a facility license for plastic surgery. Before deciding on your choice of the clinic, you should visit the clinic and ask questions about the facilities and procedure. Licensing is one of the many important points to consider when choosing a clinic for surgery. Below we consider the other important factors.

Pre and Post Operative Facilities

The surgery itself is only a part of the total process. Cosmetic surgeries often include procedures both before and after the surgery. While choosing a clinic for your surgery, you have to ensure that the clinic you choose will also be able to provide you with facilities for pre and post surgery. Once the surgery is over, you might need special care and recuperative facilities. The clinic should have the right facilities so that you can go home straight from the clinic. In addition to these facilities, you might also have to ask about the in-house anesthetist if you will be administered anesthesia during your surgery.

How To Find The Right Cosmetic Clinic For You?

Emergency Care

However minor a surgery is, there might always be chances for complications. You should look at the competency of the facility to deal with you in case of emergency. The clinic should be able to provide you with the immediate required treatment.


By enquiring at the clinic, you will be able to find if cosmetic procedures similar to your interest have been performed at the clinic. You can ask about the experience of your chosen surgeon at the clinic. A procedure which is normal in a clinic will flow smoothly as the procedures will be tried and tested.


The hygiene environment of the clinic is one of the most essential factors to consider. You will be able to check this out through a normal visit to the clinic. Most clinics might offer you a free round of the wards so that you can check out the post operative recuperating rooms. If your surgery will require you to spend a few days resting in the clinic, you should certainly take out some time to check the cleanliness and hygiene maintained around.

Staff Attitude

It is not only the performing surgeon with whom you need to interact with. Most often than not, you will be interacting with the station nurses and other staff on duty if you need to communicate with the doctor or to ask specific questions. A friendly and caring environment in the clinic is essential for recovery and comfort both before and after the surgery. All the personnel should be easily accessible.


You might be able to find reviews about the clinic online or among your friends. There are few clinic review sites online where you can search for the specific procedure in the chosen clinic. While this might be a good place to get to know some information, you might also be able to get direct and worthwhile opinions from your local physician or the family doctor for a good cosmetic clinic in Dubai.