HTC One M9 got along with itself a lot of pre release attention, and now that it is three months since the release to the HTC One M8 successor, the glory still continues.

Well, let us say an HTC to a teenager is like the beat to a heart, and art to and artist; or you could say so many of similes! Well, the fight to be the best in the world of Smartphones is never ending, and so, if not attract new customers to itself, what phone companies need to do is at least keep intact its old customers with providing them with what they always have, not only good features but also quality and experience.

The HTC One M9 has been not too much of a difference from the predecessor M8, but has been still widely accepted by the audience as one of the best by the company. Well, the reason is users are now used to the kind of quality and interface the HTC has to offer, and so all the appreciations it received were valid enough.

Be it the decent 5 inch screen, or a 1080p display; HTC One M9 nailed it all! Same will htc one m10 do. The 20 MP camera with an LED flash and the sound system which was developed in partnership with Dolby; both are indeed remarkable. The phone has a snapdragon Qualcomm processor, and the UH OH PREOTECTION; everything is just the way it should be for the phone. The design is characterized with superior class; an all metal body, with curved edges to give it a streamline finish; splendid! The uh oh protection is a guarantee of replacement for the first 12 months of purchase! The HTC One M9 has got a 32 GB of internal memory, of which 9 GB is for the operating system. The phone works upon Android L; and there are news that this might be getting an Android M update as soon as it comes into the market! Well, even after the release, the rumors about an HTC flagship ever really end!

The HTC One M9 was released on April 10, 2015 after it was much talked about at the MWC in March 2015! The HTC One M9 got a last moment software update, and with it got many kind of reviews before its final release. There seem to be no issues with the Smartphone, except for its hardware; may be that could have been a little better. Being a flagship model for the company, the users had expectations as high as the sky, however other features of the Smartphone are of first grade, and as a flagship android te phone fulfils all the right aspects in the right ways! People are though ready to compare it with apple iphone 8 as well.

The HTC One M9 has been priced at INR 44,99 and has caused great joy to the company and to the users as well in the right kind of ways *if you know what I mean.* However, there is no doubt that HTC has always delivered the best of phones; and so without doubt the M9 is not a bad, if not an excellent one!