Samsung has left no stones unturned and it has only moved towards betterment with every passing day. The note series is one such smartphone by the company, which has indeed done wonders, and has been a huge success. The galaxy note 4, and the galaxy note 5 on the go are two reasons huge enough that Samsung is in the good books of all, but now, may be you can add up another phone, the Samsung note 6.

The note series has been a phenomenal one, and this Korean company had had a huge impact on all the smartphone lovers. With so many new phone brands emerging, the Samsung has still been growing, and trying to maintain its position in the market. Even today, out of ten people in a group, at least six of them are seen with a Samsung phones, such is its popularity even today. Despite Apple coming up with such phones, the battle between the two continues.

There is a lot that the phone has to offer, and there is a lot yet to come too. The note 6 is a perfect combination of a variety of features, and is surely going to set new records for the company!

Here are a few features that the note 6 will come up with. From the processor, to the camera, this one is an ideal phone for many! The note 6 has a lot in store. From the 6 GB Ram which is in making, to the 30 MP front camera. A foldable display, and a 4K resolution or an HD one. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.9 Ghz Processor, which means a super speedy processing, and good amount of power. Its battery is also tweaked up and the result is a 4200 mAh battery, with a fast charging technology. The NOTE 6 will be launched in various storage variants, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64,128 as well as 256 GB too. Though, ipad air 4 is still in the grounds to come.

Well, though these are based upon rumors and past trends, the phone is an amazing one, and if not all of the above, it will incorporate some amazing features.

We can expect the phone to hit the market by October next year. There is a long wait though, but when the phone will be finally ready and set for release, it will be a milestone for the company.

Features, check!! Availability, check! Now comes the pricing for the phone. Samsung is on its way to match up with Apple in many aspects, and the pricing is one of them as well.  From the 20k-40k phones, Samsung Note 6 is expected to be approximately priced at 70k! A 1100 USD it is, and this indeed is too much. However, on second thoughts it isn’t too much as far as the features are concerned. If the phone ahs so much to offer, then the pricing will be no less either!

Until there is official news, let us all wait up, and see what the Samsung Note 6 will have in store!