In order to purchase new and exciting apps and games from the google play store one needs to spend some money. His is because of a simple fact that the apps and games present in the google play store are basically divided in to two categories. Some are free of cost and others are chargeable or paid apps. Now in case one wants to save money and do not want to download by paying charges, the free google play credits can be very helpful. Actually it is a nice option for each and every one because saving money is always good. There are various ways in which one can get free google play credits.

One can get them by filling up some easy forms on surveys. The google opinion rewards is a trusted site for such credits. One just needs to find and install google opinion rewards by visiting the google play store and create a profile there. The profile details would include number verification, age, gender, and some other basic information and then one need to take a simple survey and end up getting free google play credits.

The other way would include the free my apps tool. One can find this app on the google play store itself. This requires a face book account and one can only sign in to this app via face book account. After signing in, one will get a list of apps and there instruction and details and one can start downloading as per need and get the free google play credits. Clicking on the gift menu would display the options of available gifts that can be further redeemed at any point of time. Hence, the next time one wants to download an app and does not want to pay for it, the free google play credits can be used easily.