Although it used to be a casual piece of clothing used for sports, the hoody has taken on a life of its own in the fashion world. High end designers have used the bare bones of the casual hoody to create their own luxury versions. This now makes it a style of clothing that differs in price enormously. In most shopping malls you can find cheap £5 market deals all the way upto £2500 luxury hoodies. We asked high end hoodie experts, Quemondo, to discuss with us their top 6 luxury hoodies and why they love the designers so much.

Katie Eary


Katie Eary is a London designer who has taken the fashion world by storm. She has a whole host of high profile celebrity fans such as Kanye West and Rihanna. Katy is one of the rare designers that manages to juggle men’s wear, women’s wear and swim wear. As well as a few skateboard designs thrown along in their too. Her eyecatching designs are always vibrant and colourful, like the Neoprene hoodie pictured (£310). For those who are on a little bit more of a budget, Katy has recently brought out a more affordable range in collaboration with River Island.

Philip Plein

All over the world Phillip Plein is known as being a brand focused on contemporary and cosmopolitan luxury. The designer has an iconic style with one of his most famous designs been the laughing skull (pictured on this luxurious hoody above – £403.)

Marcelo Burlon

Marcelo Burlon began by designing t-shirts but has now moved into a wide range of different clothing items. His brand draws graphic, iconic elements from a wide range of different cultures. You will find elements such a crosses, birds, feathers and other symbols. With a youthful nod to rave culture also in the designs. Many of the motifs have a kaleidoscopic type of effect to them like this Lechuze one (£284.)


KTZ designs started off in London and Paris. They design male and female ready-to-wear clothing with instantly recognisable couture detailing. The brand has a contemporary urban edge, but also embraces ethnographic references and multiculturalism. The designs are usually based on a number of contrasting elements: futuristic and the historic, scientific and religious, anarchy and rules, shallow and depth. The style pictured is the Church embroidery hoodie by KTZ. The church print was first introduced in their 2012 show and is now part of their classic line. This has been seen on Kanye West, Theophilus London and of course Rihanna. (£530)

Versus by Vesarce

Versus is the offspring of Versace. Created in 1989 it has more of an individual and rock vibe unlike Versace’s more polished designs. This Jungle piece is a vibrant luxury hoodie that is full of summer personality. The print is made up of tropical tones. This zipped boutique hoodie makes a dramatic impression with a jungle print on the front and zebra print on the back. (£325)

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