Many people think that it’s incredibly expensive to travel in Australia. As a developed country, it is easy to assume that Australia has high cost of living and this will affect our overall travel costs. In reality, with proper methods, Australia can be among the most affordable places that we can visit. Without enough research, we may be badly prepared and ill informed travel decision may bring us to a wrong spot. Accommodation is one of the most important consideration when we go to Australia. There are many campgrounds in Australia and they are often located near bigger cities. There are many cheap tents that can be purchased for around AUD 20. We may camp out in many areas for free. However, we should know that Australia is known for some of the most venomous reptiles and insects. It is important to ask locals whether it’s safe to camp out in a specific wilderness. If we are not sure , it is preferable to choose designated campground, especially if it has showers, toilets, convenience stores and other facilities. It may not make us much closer to the nature, but at least we could still cut down on accommodation costs.

Eating our in Australia can be quite affordable if we know which place that we should go to. We may find pubs that offer $10 steaks and other affordable dishes. We may ask local where we can get cheap big meals. Kangaroo is considered as agricultural pest and its meat can be quite affordable.  Many of the affordable deals are lunchtime specials, while dinner can be more expensive. Budget travelers may choose campfire-heated toast and cereals for breakfast and go to pubs for hearty lunch. They may go light on dinner, by cooking fresh produce on campfire. Australia is a huge country and the distance between large cities can be quite far. Airlines are the most convenient way of traveling in Australia, but it’s also the most expensive. Unless we are in a hurry, it is a good idea to to choose bus services and train. We may also rent a car and drop it off in the destination city. People who want to have a lengthy trip in Australia may also obtain a working visa. In just a couple of weeks of doing menial part-time jobs in Australia, it is possible to earn more than AUD 1000.

Entrance fees can also be quite costly, but there are also many free things that we can do. We may go to beaches, hike and check out wildlife. Some museums are free, while others have very affordable entry fees. At sunrise, we may go to specific sections of the Kennet River to see some koalas. Wallabies and kangaroos are also difficult to miss, due to their exploding population in some areas. There are also feral camels, which were brought in the 19th century from Middle East to aid Australian settlers. After a week disconnected from the rest of the world, many travelers may want to get Internet connection. There are usually pubs and cafes that offer free WiFi services