There may come a time when you decide to go to new places and explore the world around you. It can become the best time of your life but eventually, you will want to make a pause and make a steady career. What will you do when you come back home? How to make the travel period fill in your employment gap and seem like a benefit?

Don’t believe that landing a job after coming back home will be daunting and exhausting. It can be challenging of course, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially, if you use the benefits of the top rated resume writing services to your advantage, you will get a professionally written and polished document that will showcase your new professional experience you’ve acquired while traveling. Here is everything you need to know about using travel to boost your application.

Stay Career Oriented While Traveling

The majority of people travel to try out new experiences and just explore the world we live in. Of course, these intentions are important and valuable while living abroad. However, having a career-oriented mindset while traveling will help make your transition from carefree spirit to a settled lifestyle much smoother and seamless. How can you do that? You won’t have to miss the wonderful things each new place around has to offer while staying career-oriented. Start thinking about your future job search process wherever you are.

There are so many things you can do. For instance, you may create video or photography projects and add them to your portfolio. You may fundraise for a company you would like to work for. You can also intern or volunteer for a local school, company or business. These activities will help you really engage with the local life and contribute to your application document.

Present Travel Experience on Your Resume

It is quite valuable to master the skill of marketing your experience traveling abroad appropriately, so that you don’t sound too superior or, on the other hand, downplay it like that experience hasn’t affected who you are. Yes, it is really hard to discuss your travel experience with those people you meet after returning home. But if you master the ability to talk honestly, humbly, and thoughtfully about your travels to the prospective recruiters, you will definitely end up landing a decent and well-paid job. Here are the tips on how to do it.

Select the Right Words

Choosing the words wisely during the job interview can make a huge difference. A candidate who traveled abroad and a candidate who lived abroad will be viewed differently by a recruiter. Living in another country means the ability to work in a state of ambiguity, work with people of different nationalities, and adapt to new circumstances.

Give Structure to Your Experience

Different recruiters may view your long-time traveling differently. If you just say that you’ve traveled through Africa for several months, the employers may think that you are too unpredictable and restless person that won’t always stick to the deadlines. On the other hand, mentioning that you’ve spent a certain time in a certain place makes others curious about what you’ve done and how you’ve lived in a foreign country.

Power Words

Again, because of the difference in connotations of the words “live” and “travel”, think about the aspects of your travel that may be beneficial for the certain position you are applying for. Think about relevant skills and particular experiences you’ve acquired that you may list on the job application.

Remember that having career-oriented mindset together with your traveling experience will benefit your future and help you establish more meaningful connections.