Traveling can become an expensive activity and it is important for us to know how to save money while traveling. Much of our budget would be spent on accommodation, transportation and food. The plan for saving money should start before people thinking about traveling. People with frugal lifestyle often find it easier to save money when traveling to distant countries. It is important for them to take time research and analyze new methods to save money. Hotels are the most expensive accommodation option and in some hotels, we may spend a few thousands dollars per night. When choosing hotels, we should think rationally. Our room shouldn’t only be affordable, it should also be close to our destination areas. However, hotels that are located in the middle of the city is usually more expensive than those in sub-urban areas. It is a good thing to find a balance between distance, comfort and price. Many people stay at their accommodation only for sleeping, taking a bath and having breakfast. In this case, it is a good idea to find accommodation with minimal conveniences, such as hostels. Couchsurfing is also a good option to obtain free accommodation.

Traveling is about moving between places and transportation can be quite costly. Airplanes are more expensive than rental cars, buses, trains and ships. Even so, it is more practical to use airplane to go to very far countries. In this case, we should choose the most affordable day to fly. Wednesday is usually the cheapest day to fly, but we can also choose Tuesday or Thursday depending on our schedule. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the most expensive days to fly and we should avoid them whenever possible. It can be very expensive when we are bringing tons of luggage. Huge bags can be annoying and it’s important to bring only one large bag. The most important thing is that we carry only things that we need. We shouldn’t bring too many clothing and tablet if we don’t plan to use them.

When traveling, people will still need to eat and it can be difficult to resist eating in restaurants during our trip. It is better to try local cuisine and they can be obtained at lower prices, in traditional eating places. Again, our goal is to save money and we don’t have to spend so much money to obtain tasty foods. We can use websites to find local meals that are affordable and delicious. Local restaurants may also offer discounts and coupons that we can use. However, we should be careful with any kind of street food. If we do eat street food, it is important to choose the one that’s served hot. This will ensure minimal contamination of microorganism. When we go to a restaurant or eating place, we should make sure that the menu also have a list of price. Some local eating places may scam travelers by charging exceptionally expensive prices, because they don’t add prices on the menu.