Looking to hire one or more inventors for the long rather than short-term? Unless hiring for a temporary project, it makes plenty of sense to want employees that will stay with your company for years and make amazing contributions. Let’s take a brief look at long-term hiring goals you might want to apply to your own hiring process:

Long-Term Hiring Goals

A Good Fit

When hiring someone long-term, it’s essential to find a person or people who fit with your company. An inventor who is perfect “on paper” isn’t necessarily the right person for your company, while someone who doesn’t have all of the credentials you usually want could easily share the same goals and objectives. This is why in-person interviews are critical when hiring an inventor–you must get a sense of the person!


Hiring an individual whose invention designs are impressive but lacks the professional ‘tude you need for long-term success generally equals disaster. It’s surprisingly difficult to find professional people to work with, but once you find such people, hold on to them for dear life. These gems are those who will stick with you for months if not years (depending on what ‘long-term’ means to you), and will never, ever let personal feelings get in the way of their job. Hire those who remain professional the vast majority of the time and sink your teeth in them like an eel does its prey.


Numerous characteristics make up successful inventors, and workers, but one of the most important characteristics is vision. The inventors you want to hire long-term must have vision, as well as the drive the bring their ideas to brilliant life. A dedicated inventor whose passion for the industry is unmatched and vision for his or her place within your company is exactly what you want (and need). A creative, persistent person with the ability to tolerate failure and listen to feedback also helps. A lot.

Think critically about what you’re looking for before you begin the hiring process. The more detailed your criteria, the better questions you’ll ask potential inventors. Good luck!

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