There is no better time to explore the world than during college. Not only will students be able to enjoy unique cultures from around the globe, but also study interesting new degrees they just can’t get elsewhere. There are now countless options when it comes to taking classes in other countries and new programs developing every year. Those ready to set off on their own adventure should take a look at these amazing hubs of culture and excitement.

Florence, Italy

For history and art enthusiasts, few cities in the world will be as mesmerizing as Florence. Situated in the center of Italy, Florence is just a short train ride from a number of countries including Switzerland, France, and Croatia. It is also home to some of the most renowned Renaissance art in the world, and artifacts that can be found nowhere else.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a truly international city, with dozens of colleges and trade schools for those that would like to experience the multi-faceted culture of Australia. In addition to a friendly environment and affordable housing just outside of downtown Sydney, students will also have access to an amazing nightlife, pristine beaches, outdoor sports, and more.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world and home to the cultural and industrial transformation of China. Along with having some of the highest-rated colleges in the world, Shanghai is also extremely affordable and home to some of the largest employers in the world for those that are looking to get a head start on their career.

Toronto, Canada

Canada is repeatedly listed as one of the best places in the world to live, and Toronto is one of their most highly-regarded big cities. For those that fall in love with this country while studying abroad, students can enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship with easy programs such as that will allow them to extend their stay to multiple semesters or years.

Semester at Sea

Instead of choosing just a single city to study in, students can also opt for a semester at sea program that will expose them to 12 or more countries in just a few months. These programs are available in the spring, fall, and summer semesters and typically last for around 100 days. Living expenses, rent, and tuition are often rolled into a single price with only the need to bring spending money for days spent off of the ship.

The college experience is about much more than heading into class after class and long nights in the library. This is the perfect time in one’s life to enjoy all that the world has to offer with an accredited study abroad program.