The Busy World

Living in this 21st century is one of the best thing that can ever experience in this world. The world is very much advanced in every possible outcome. The world is becoming fully automated in all possible dimensions of life. This advancement is truly amazing and worth living for. However this advancement and this fully automatized world is totally dependent upon the money on can have with him with which he or she can avail this type of lifestyle. The advancement is very much not for the common peoples of the world. Common peoples are very much out of the range of this advancement. The main reason being that this advancement and the technological brilliance comes with a lot of money. The person who comes from a good economical background can only avail this advancement. In India the society is divided in 3 three different sectors that is the higher class domain, the middle class domain and last but not the least the lower class domain. The lower class domain is totally not able to use the technology in the proper. The higher class domain has everything that uses this in full effect. Now lies the middle class domain who works and works harder so that they are able to use this technological advancement of the world. In other words they simply run for money as well as for good position in the world.

Infertility and Its Solution

Stress and Infertility

It is seen that the middle class portion of the Indian society is the most hardworking domain. They do all possible hard work just to be happy himself as well as their family so that they are able to be at par with all possible people in the country. Their zeal to earn good amount is something to be proud of and also it is something that effects the human being a lot. People are getting stress and anxiety as they are very busy in their life. They forgot to smile and enjoy a good time with their family. Now this stress in this 21st century is one of the very basic problem that can ever happen. Stress is the main cause for the depression among peoples in this era. Depression has become very much common in every possible household these days. Infertility is also one of the most important problem that the human beings are experiencing in this time. It is a common notion of all the human beings that infertility is the problem that is caused because of the women nit been able to reproduce. However this notion is totally wrong. It is the problem that can occur because of the problem f either of them having the problem, that is the male as well as the female.

The Solution

In-vitro Fertilization is one of the most important and basic technique to tackle the problem of infertility and report suggests thatit has produced remarkable results upon usage.


IVF or the in vitro fertilization first the potency in both the cases male and the female so that to assess the main problem and then works accordingly. It is a fully artificial system where human being like condition is provided for a time being so that the problem goes around and a family can get a beautiful baby.

Centers Solving the Problem

India has many IVF centers. Top IVF centers in India has the best possible doctors as well as technicians present in them so that their experience and also the expertise comes in the help of the family who are unable to have a baby.