The CCNA certification gives a heads start to your networking career; paving way for further networking certifications, better salaries and improved career prospects. The advantages of taking the CCNA certification include:

  1. Knowledge – While it’s true there is no wisdom greater than that acquired through experience, the roots of learning and knowledge begin from the books. Undergoing the CCNA certification increases an IT professional’s knowledge and understanding of the core concepts of networking.  This in turns acts like a foundation for further advancements in career. Undertaking the certification also keeps you abreast of the latest technological developments in the networking industry.
  2. Direction – Getting the CCNA certification with get your career focused. Now you can concentrate on what you need to do further in this domain itself, to advance your skills and potential.
  3. The Cisco tag – The Cisco tag will certainly add the much needed value and weight to your resume. The tag will project you as a prospective and skilled candidate which organizations are highly likely to consider over the other non-certified applicants.
  4. Advancement in career – Successfully completing your certification is like proving you’ve mastered the requisite skills not just to perform better but to lead others in your peer group as well. So, you’re highly likely to bag the promotion that you’ve been waiting for.
  5. Salary boost – This is one of the tangible benefits that a CCNA certification can award you with. Increments have been as high as 60% in your present organization or the next one you plan to shift to.
  6. Cornerstone for other certifications – Earning the CCNA certification is a pre requisite for various other higher valued certifications such as CCNP, CCIE, etc. Some colleges even give high credits for to Cisco certified candidates helping them bag scholarships for further studies as well.
  7. You path to a successful networking career – The CCNA certification is your pathway to the world of networking and also the base of a host of other networking certifications. It’s a great way of kick starting a career in networking.
  8. Admiration – There may be many in your organizations who have tried attaining the Cisco certifications but if you’ve been one of them who have been able to achieve it successfully, you’re certainly going to be admired and respected.
  9. Benefits to employers – The certification not only benefits you as an individual but your organization as well. Having a certified employee translates to better productivity and higher profits. As such many organizations sponsor these certifications, which is something that employees can leverage.
  10. Personal achievement – Having successfully achieved the certification, which was a long borne aim you had been nurturing, you certainly gives you a sense of personal satisfaction that is unmatched.

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