Home electronic appliances have been identified as one of the major target items during burglaries. Unlike money, jewelry and other items of value, which can easily be locked up in a safe and out of sight, electronic appliances cannot be locked away. The wide variety of appliances including TVs, Home theaters, laptops, gaming consoles, and kitchen appliances have very specific functions and thus, have to be placed at strategic locations around the house. For this reason, any criminal that might be casing your home will easily spot and target these devices.

5 Reasons To Protect Your Home From Electronic Theft

Home Security Systems in Seattle Washington – Why protect your home?

For Peace of Mind

With electronic theft being one of the driving factors for the increased number of burglaries in the US, owning some expensive devices and appliances is likely to make you lose some sleep. It is very difficult to have peace of mind knowing that you may come back in the evening to find your home burglarized. A home security system will deter and prevent criminals from targeting your home in many ways. For instance, a home alarm system will alert you and/or the alarm company if anyone tries to break in. On the other hand, deploying a video surveillance system will enable you to remotely monitor your home to ensure that everything is fine.

Keep your Family Safe

Burglars are very opportunistic criminals. Their main aim is to break in when you are not at home, grab whatever valuables they can find, and take off without being detected. However, many unfortunate cases have been reported where people walk in to their homes only to find burglaries in progress. On the other hand, there have been incidences of burglars, intentionally or unintentionally, targeting homes with the occupants still at home. In most cases, a burglar is likely to turn violent if caught in the act. Therefore, investing in ideal home security systems like some home in the Seattle Washington area helps you to deter break-ins to your home, and in the process, avoid your loved from ever running into a confrontation with burglars. It enables you to secure the safety and lives of your loved ones.

Secure other valuables within the Home

Criminals usually case a home for valuables such as expensive electronic appliances, money, and jewelry, before they can strike. As such, some thieves will pose as delivery guys, repair crew, or other service personnel that you are likely to allow into your home without becoming suspicious. When in your home, these criminals will look at what you have that they can steal. At the same time, they will look out for weaknesses within your home that they could exploit and gain easy entry. By doing this, they are likely to discover other valuables that you may have placed out of sight. Besides, if a burglar sees that you have expensive electronic devices, he will conclude that you may have lots of money, jewelry and other valuables in the house.

Save Money

The cost of buying new electronic appliances is quite significant, considering the variety and number of essential and non-essential appliances that you need to use every day. Even though some of these gadgets are not costly, the situation can quickly get out of hand if you keep replacing an appliance.

Lower your Home Insurance Premiums

Investing in the best home security systems Seattle Washington not only gives you peace of mind, but also enables you to enjoy discounts on your home insurance. Insurers understand that burglars are not likely to target homes that are protected. The reduced risk enables them to lower your premiums. As such, you can save 5% to 20% off your normal insurance premiums.