Korean electronics giant LG has just done releasing its current premium smartphone , the LG G3, and judging by the response it has generated among the consumers and public, it is expected to be an amazingly successful smartphone. The world has only just been introduced to the G3, and already , various internet forums and gadget websites are being flooded with rumors of its successor, the LG G4.

The much rumored and speculated LG G4 is already being touted as being one of the major flagship future smartphones of next year 2015, without much insight being present on it, and this is literally just the beginning, as the hype surrounding the phone is only going to increase further as the wait till its release date nears next year. Even though there has been no official word of confirmation on the LG G4 from the company nor from any other credible sources, if the rumors on the several online forums are anything to go by, the LG G4 is a very real possibility, and the most probably successor to the recent LG G3.

LG G4 Specifications And Features

The LG G4 is most definitely going to be a much better device than its predecessor in almost every terms and aspect, such as looks, functionality, durability and overall ease of use. The internet has already been bombarded with rumored spec configuration by over enthusiastic smartphone and Android fanatics, and what’s appearing on forums such as those are being lapped up by the interested consumers, and seems to have them on the edge of their seats with some of the specs of the LG G4 being never before heard of in any other flagship device of any rival brand.

Some of the rumored specs of the LG G4 doing he rounds is given below as follows:

1. Blazing fast Octacore processor: Expect the new LG G4 to deliver fast processing results and smooth gameplay, as it is being rumored to come equipped with the amazingly quick Snapdragon 808 CPU, which may be clocked at an alarming 3GHz, which would prove to be more than enough for smooth phone operation without lags.

2. Massive 3 GB RAM- If rumors are to believed, the LG G4 may come with a huge 3 GB RAM, which would effectively utilize power and would definitely be the ultimate multitasking machine, capable of running several heavy duty apps at once, and easy , lag-free switching between them.

3. Storage- The LG G4 could come in 2 different storage variants, i.e. 32 GB and 64 GB internal memory, which could be expandable to a massive 128 GB via expansion SD card slot. The big storage space means you won’t have to compromise on storage of your favorite files anymore.

4. Display- The screen of the LG G4 is expected to be one of its strongest assets. It is expected that the G4 might come with a brilliant 5.7 inch true HD IPS screen, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection to provide intense protection to the screen from dust and scratches.

LG G4 will give stiff competition to upcoming smartphones – Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8.