Bulk SMS are utilized by organizations, and enterprises such as financial, educational, retail and e-commerce business, medical and health services, new companies, developers and small scale companies for business correspondence and marketing. This facility of Bulk SMS is utilized as either promotional SMS which are for a limited time and are for purely marketing or transactional SMS which are for different alert mechanisms such as informative texts that people receive from banks, educational, transport reservation, and order confirmation from e-commerce websites.

Advantages of utilizing this facility Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is the most favored, and fruitful technique of communication which is followed by number of companies out there. These Bulk SMS enables organizations to send alerts to their clients as it is comparatively an economical choice as compared to promotional or transactional messages. Bulk SMS Marketing is considered as the least expensive and viable route for promoting and marketing for the business. Least expensive and best specialized strategy to get in touch with the clients.

As a matter of fact, these bulk SMSs have an open rate of 98% and it is even more surprising that 94% of the SMS that are sent are usually opened inside 5 minutes of their receiving. As the mobile phone is closest to every individual these days, hence with the Bulk SMS service the best achievement rate and Rapid reaction can be achieved. With more and more people getting used to mobile phones, the bulk SMS are also becoming helpful in reaching out to the people in one go.

Features Of Bulk SMS Service

Features of Bulk SMS

  1. The Bulk SMS service has a great network and hence a tremendous reachability. It can reach colossal number of audiences in a solitary message.
  2. It is an easiest and quick approach to delivery of information.
  3. Since it is a web based services, it doesn’t need any particular software.
  4. The process of free bulk sms service provider in India is quite simple. All you have to do is login, draft your message and shoot.
  5. With the help of these bulk SMS, your company or brand or product get marketed since the messages go under the name of company/product/brand.
  6. It is quite easy and convenient to manage all of your contacts on online platform.
  7. You can directly send the same or different messages to different people at one time. All you need to do is upload your excel sheet and you are good to go.
  8. Just like mobile phones, you can also draft and save your messages in the drafts.
  9. Some of the SMS providers even have the 2 way messaging facility wherein the customers can even reply to the number to receive a response. For example, people receive message in order to reply for their satisfaction level. This is majorly done by telecom companies. The SMS providers also can receive the replies of the clients in their inbox.
  10. The bulk SMS providers can also get bonus credits in case of the messages received.
  11. The best feature is that you can even schedule your message campaigns for a particular time and date in future.

Along with the text messages, you can also send flash and picture messages and business cards.