Scope creep in simple terms is like saying, working with the client starts off well as expected, however the projects gets bigger and bigger whereas the price remains the same.  If left unattended scope creep causes stress, time and money.

Scope Creep – Meaning

Scope creep, in project management term is the magnitude of a project that exceeds the boundaries of the original goal and objectives. After speaking with a web development agency in Birmingham I found that they usually face scope creep wherein the client thinks that the extended task comes under the original contract or anticipated size and usually does not agree to pay extra. However scope creep can be avoided while keeping your clients happy and satisfied in the following ways:

Understanding the Outcome

It is always recommended to have a solid understanding of what the client is looking to achieve and what kind of support he is expecting from you. You need to have a relatively clear picture of what needs to be done to fulfil the client’s desire and thorough rounds of discussions with him beforehand will help.

Know your Client’s Ideas

Usually there are two kinds of service provisions:

  • Passive requirements: This is a scenario wherein the client tells the web designing agency what is expected of them
  • Dynamic requirements: Wherein the designer works in collaboration with the client to achieve the wanted results

Accordingly, if the dynamic requirement is adhered, it would successfully eliminate scope creep.

Define Scope of Work

If the client believes that you are liable, apt they ask you to carryon the work or may ask for change in work to reach their ultimate goal of building a successful web design. However, it is always better to clearly define the scopeof work and understood, defined and agreed upon by both the parties. However, it is also true that the client would not be much interested in the agreement, but would be so in his business. If his expectation on service and delivery is not met he naturally will ensure that things are done by this stride and the agreement does not come to the company’s rescue. Hence, always pass on particulars of the scope of work and confirm that the client has agreed upon the principles of work.

Quote the right price

Usually, scope creep comes down on the issue of price. If the resources expended on the execution of the project has exceeded the desired amount, then you have failed managing your business. You must be crystal clear on the material involved in the project and suitably budget and quote.

Put it in writing

Always make it a point to keep things in writing. The price, scope of work and all other details need to be documented. Both the parties need to read and sign the agreement so that no problems are created in between the completion of the project.


To make it precise, scope creep is nothing to be feared about, it can easily be eliminated. By assessing, evaluating and understanding the needs of the client and providing them the right solution delivered at the right time in the right way can eradicate scope creep. Adhering to the client’s preferred specifications by dodging over the terms of service you can keep the relationship with the client intact.