Different things available on your website should have the different fixed expire times is the mean of the Leverage Browser Caching. This is suggested by Google, and this will improve and enhance your comprehensive speed score of the Google Page. You are able to examine the page speed score of your site on your dashboard itself if you have already installed W3 Total Cache. You have to consider various tips to enhance and improve the loading speed of the websites and the above is the one of the easiest and simplest methods.


Use PHP Flush To Improve Site Loading Speed

From the time when Google commenced to think about the speed of the site for search rankings, bloggers and webmasters began to improve the loading speed of the website. You can use the Google Analytics to check the site speed and also you can check various tools to improve the site speed. PHP function flush () enables you to send your incomplete set HTML reply to the browser so as to begin to get components at the time your backends are busy with other pages of HTML. You may practice this result when you have light front-ends and busy backends. In spite of, the speed enhances will really rely on the size, page weight and server-side processing of your CSS files. This process is an easy and simple optimization.

It is suggested to use the function <?php flush();?> in between <body> and </head> tags to enable the browser to get JavaScript and CSS files in parallel without disrupting the backend. Possibly, you have to edit the header.php file if you are utilizing WordPress.


<?php flush(); ?>


Setup Google Analytics To Check Site Speed

RecentlyGoogle Analytics added latest feature and application for examining your page loading time and site loading speed. You have to tweak the default Google Analytics tracking code to allow this application as it isn’t an automatic upgrade. It would be simple and easy to enhance and improve loading speed of your site.

Get Google Page Speed Report Via W3 Total Cache

Clearly, if you are a webmaster or blogger, you will have experienced Google Page Speed as well as WordPress plug-in W3 Total Cache. The combination of both the W3 Total Cache WordPress plug-in and Google Page Speed will help you to provide a better performance.

W3 Total Cache is the popular plug-in for WordPress which enhance and improve the performance of WordPress and the user observe your site through caching: content delivery network, minify, database, object, page and browser. Google page Speed calculates the conformance or similarity of the page to several different rules and provides scores or rate depending on it.

There are some easy and simple methods to obtain the Speed Report of Google on your dashboard. You need to do the two things so that you can get the Google Speed Report in a simple and easy way to the dashboard.

  • Update your plug-in settings of W3 Total Cache.
  • Obtain the Page Speed API Key from Google APIs

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