In this day and age, we are well aware of the environmental issues that, once upon a time, went unnoticed, or simply ignored. With drought being a regular visitor in recent years, it is vital to look after our most precious resource – water.

The attitude towards doing what’s best for the planet is becoming increasingly positive, and changes are slowly being incorporated into the way we live. From “going green” in terms of recycling and trying to reduce your carbon footprint, to rainwater harvesting and other such water-saving practices.

Saving water in the bathroom

In a standard toilet, the cistern is filled up with water from the mains, and just like that, it’s flushed away. You then have to use yet more water to wash your hands; bit of a waste when you think about it.

Dual-flush toilets have made a big difference in water saving efforts, with full-flush or half-flush options. A decent step forward, yes, but recently there has been even more progress in this area. A fantastic little invention making headlines is the humble toilet – with a twist. This design which has come to fruition has an integrated hand basin atop the cistern to save water.

How does it work?

Caroma is one company leading the way with the development of their Profile Toilet Suite with dual-flush and an integrated hand basin. Fresh water flows from the spout over the basin when the toilet is flushed, allowing you to wash your hands. Instead of this water being lost down the drain, it fills the cistern, ready for the next flush. Pretty clever, huh?

This product has been tried and tested and its water-saving abilities confirmed. Testing has also proven that the soapy water transferred from the basin to the cistern has no harmful effect on internal operating components.

How much water does it use?

With a five star WELS rating it has 4.5/3L dual flushing, in addition to saving hand-washing water by using it to fill the cistern. Compare this with the single-flush toilets from the days of old, which could use up to 12 liters of water in just one flush, and it’s evident that we have come a long way.

If this ingenious invention was installed in every household, imagine how much water would be saved, not to mention the economical aspect.

If you have been thinking of ways to do your bit for the environment, incorporating a toilet of this design into your home would be a great first step. Your local plumbing supplier will be happy to install your new addition.

Author: Dion Lovrecich