carpet-cleaning-machinery-300x201There are differences in the cleaning process between janitors and cleaning services.  Janitors do only the major tasks of cleaning, while an agency deals with both overall cleaning and repair needs in the office.

 In order to create a wonderfully impressive environment to visitors and clients, a workplace should maintain its spotlessness all the time.  Back offices, commercial places, restrooms, and kitchens should appear their best.  Frequently, it requires a committed person or establishment to perform the tasks with expertise.  These tasks require extensive experience and know-how to achieve optimal results. Cleaning may not be difficult, but once the space needs cleaning and repairs, then you need a professional who knows what to do.

How to Decide for a Clean Space?

There is actually a couple of solution to take: you may get janitorial services or assign an employee to do the regular cleaning, or you can hire cleaning services from reputable companies.  There are some differences between janitorial services and commercial services.  Understanding how they differ can make you decide better what to take.  Are you going to hire a custodian or janitor, or hire a professional cleaner? Getting what your money’s worth really matters.  After all, cleaning is something that can’t be entrusted to anyone except to the skilled cleaner.


Janitor vs. Cleaning Services

Company janitors are normally part of the company’s employees.  With that, janitors are subject to all things that regular staff gets.  It includes the following:

1. Payroll

2. Medicare

3. Social security

4. Compensation insurance

5. Paid sick and vacation days

6. Paid holidays

In contrast, hiring a professional cleaner to be in charge of cleaning the office is not included in the payroll. The agency gets paid with a flat rate based on the agreed contract.  They normally do the cleaning job off office hours.   They come to clean thoroughly the office as well as the retail areas.  The management can identify the frequency needed for cleaning.  The payment is set based on the required needs.  You do not pay their services per hour, nor with the demands for some taxes.


Kinds of Work Performed

There are differences on the job performance done by a janitor and a cleaning agency. Janitors often perform the main tasks: trash emptying, window washing, and floor mopping.  On the other hand, cleaning services will be in charge of all the needed cleaning tasks—from bathroom sanitizing, repairing and cleaning floor tiles, marble restoration, to urgent services any time and any day.

It makes real sense to get the services of a cleaning agency.  You will receive expert services on that cover all things.  Your office and retail areas will eventually look their best, creating lasting impression to clients.   For the staff members, they will be happier working in an environment that is well-treated and sanitized.  No worrying about pollens or bacteria spreading out in the workplace.  The company will incredibly save more time and money.

Each business owner understands that getting expert cleaners is significant for the whole wellbeing of the business.  A fresh, clean look is more stimulating for the clients.  It helps the business to keep its load of customers.  Buildings cleaned by competent and skilled cleaners demonstrate concerns to both clients and employees.  As a result, the company becomes more attractive and appealing to potential clients.