Blackhead is a situation whereby skin pores become blocked as a result of existence of acnes on the skin. Caused by over production of sebum among other things such as so much sweating, some dietary intake and use of some cosmetics. Blackheads always result to a figure/face that is least admirable making some people feel ashamed of going to the public. Therefore, a solution must be found to end their misery. Here are some easy tips to handle the situation. Here are some:

1. The White Mask in Eggs

Eggs are characterized by having rich nutrients for the skin. The white mask forms a mask that is usable in temporarily tightening pores as well as eliminating blackheads. On application, the first procedure is to separate the yolk of the egg from the white substance. Followed by rinsing your face with some water. Then, pat the face till completely dry.

Immediately apply a thin layer of the egg white on the skin and leave it to dry. Upon drying, apply another layer of the egg white and leave it to dry on top of the initial layer. Repeat this process to form about three to five layers.

On completion, leave the substance on the face for some while and then you may wipe it away. Repeatedly over some time will help better your skin as well as eliminating the blackheads from the skin.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is capable of shrinking open and clogged pores that results to blackheads. However, Lemon can have some side effects especially when applied during summer times. This is because it can lighten your skin making it sensitive to sun.

On application, squeeze the lemon juice into a bottle. Rinse your face with water and leave it to dry. Thereafter, apply the lemon juice on a small cotton ball just as much enough quantity to dampen the cotton. Apply to the affected areas of the face, repeat this three to four times a week and at bedtime. On waking up in the morning, rinse your face with warm water and wait till bedtime to repeat the procedure again. With time, your blackheads shall be completely eliminated.

3. The Aloe Vera Plant

Are you worried how to get rid of blackheads? The Aloe Vera Plant has been associated with producing the cure for most illnesses and with blackheads, it’s not an exemption. When cut, the Aloe Vera plant produces some fluid. This fluid is essential in making sure that pores shrinking and the blackheads are completely eliminated.

Similar to the Lemon Juice, tap the Aloe Vera fluid into a small bottle. Apply several times, at least four times a week and usually at bedtime. In the morning, remember to rinse your face and wait till bedding time in the evening so that you repeat the same process.

4. Steaming

Literary, steaming may not seem applicable. It may neither open up the pores on the face. However, It may aid in reducing the appearance of blackheads by softening up the sebum or the dead cells that could possibly fill the pores to form the blackheads.

This appliance is practically simpler as it involves boiling water in a basin and leaving it to briefly cool for a while. Then by use of a towel, dip it into the water and cover your head with the towel, lean over the towel for utmost ten minutes. When done, dry up your face with a dry towel. This should be repeated severally in the course of weeks.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda made of super fine particles suits best as an exfoliating substance that can remove clogging on the face. Its procedure is just simple as mixing water with enough soda to form a paste that can easily spread.

Once it’s ready, smear it on your face gently and in circular motion for a while. Then rinse with plenty of water and thoroughly to make sure no soda is left on your skin as it may have adverse conditions.

6. Sweating

Regular exercise are perfect way to reduce blackheads. Sweating is believed to help in opening up the poles and sending off the sebum from the face. In procedure, after an exercise of heavy sweating, wash your face with warm water with a towel. Leave the skin to dry. With time, changes on the good condition of the skin shall be noted.

7. Daily Water Treatment

Blackheads if not much spread, may be easily treated by making sure that you rinse your face twice or thrice daily. This is to make sure your skin is all time moisturized to disallow the production of excess sebum. Continuous water treatment leaves a clean and good-looking face.

8. Milk and Honey Treatment

Due to the antibacterial property of honey and the lactic stature of milk it is possible to suppress black heads thereby leaving a soft and supple skin. Procedure involves mixing honey and milk in equal amounts and heating them up for at most ten seconds. Blend the duo thoroughly and apply on the blackheads. Leave them for up to 20 minutes and then rinse your face to leave it dry. Repeat severally to completely eliminate the blackheads.


It is possible to eliminate blackheads unlike what most people presume to be their ever-disturbing problem. Above are just a few easy tips on how to eliminate the blackheads.