If you are planning to purchase a fitness band then do check this Lenovo HW02 review. This fitness band is not so far accessible in India, but you could import this. This is water resistant band as well as comes with exclusive blue color OLED.

The screen is positioned under the slightly see-through plastic, you would not notice except the display switches on. Also the display is blue color plus looks actually awesome however slightly blurry cause it’s under the plastic (however not that bad).

The clasp is made of metal plus it is not that easy placing the band on your wrist however once you place the strap it looks actually good. This Lenovo HW02 band is water resilient IP67 proficient you could use it in rain however avoid using it underneath water.

Lenovo HW02 Enactment

This band gave steady results, heart rate is pretty precise and battery life is pretty decent. You can allow twist wrist toward show time, this does not work from 9PM toward 6AM. When you twist wrist you would see the time, plus if you tap the touch button you would get date first plus then time.

You will requisite to download and install Smart Bracelet application – this is the similar application that Lenovo HW01 creates use of. Using the app you could enable call notification, Facebook, WhatsApp notifications etc.

While you get a notice the band will shake and you will acquire the icon on the display from that icon you would know what the notification is around i.e. from Whatsapp, Facebook, Call etc.  The display is not easily noticeable under sunlight.

For more precise reading use the app plus tap workout icon, that will make use of Smartphone’s GPS in addition to also monitor heart rate constantly. By default incessant heart rate is restricted you can allow that – though that will drain lots of battery juice.

Continuous heart rate in idle mode would measure heart rate each 15 minutes.

Lenovo HW02 Battery Review

The HW02 derives with 60 mAh non-removable battery. It takes around less than one and a half hours toward charge it and on complete charge you could get 8 to 12 days battery life dependent on your usage. I am receiving about 8% to 10% drop per day hence an easy 10 to 12 days.


This one is much improved than the Lenovo HW01, the band is connected through the body, looks good as well as quality is very good. I guess the band will last for a extended period. Other features are excessive. Now this Smart Wristband is accessible in Black -Black, Black – Blue and Black – Orange color choices. I liked the Black – Blue reason the screen is moreover blue and blends well.