The Consumer Electronic Show happens every year in Las Vegas and brings around 150,000 people together to discuss new electronics, retail strategies and much more. This year, at the CES in January, there were some interesting items revealed. Of course, that is always the case with the Consumer Electronics Show, but some of the items this year are really unique. One of the big items that were being showcased this year were tablet computers, and for good reason. Tablets are among the fastest growing electronics devices and every year the number of people that own one for the first time increases.

So many manufacturers are introducing their own version of the tablet computer. This year, LG and Polaroid got int the game, and others are working on tablet cases, portfolios and keyboards. There is a new, and very expensive program called Kaleidescape. It allows you to bookmark scenes from your home movie collection, as well as see related movies that you own, much in the same way that NetFlix shows you movies related to the one that you just watched. Right now, Kaleidescape costs around $4000 and it only works on movies that are offered by two companies so far – Warner Brothers and Lionsgate Films.

The most interesting device introduced at CES may be the Cellcontrol that sells for $89. It gives parents the option to be in control of the family’s cellular phones while in the car and to monitor any cellphone usage from a website. If the parent decides that the cellphone is not to be used in the car, a beacon will render is unusable while in the car or anywhere near it. However, parents can also give their children the freedom to use bluetooth devices as well as make some numbers always ring through, such as their own.