UMi lately released its newest smartphone, the UMi plus E, which the firm hopes to create waves with in 2017. In light of the device’s methodical specifications plus features, which on paper look pretty damn astonishing and make the phone stance apart from additional mid-range phones, we have got the device on an UMi Plus E flash auction for you. UMi dragged off a bit of a revolution and the Plus E is the first smart phone powered through the 8-core Helio P20. 

  1. Looks to kill

UMI puts user gratification first in provided that high-end seeing and running smart phones at reasonable prices. The appearance of the UMi Plus E is one of a high-end cell phone, a nice move sighted as it prices half of that of real phones in the high-end value gamut, making you the desire of your friend by all of your money to spare (or expend on some additional cool accessories you have your eye on). The shiny, black matted all-metal smart phone comes with a sturdy chip-resistant covering, thus you can be guaranteed that your phone would remain looking pristine.

  1. Not merely gorgeous on the outside

From the first thing that persons usually ponder when they are about to purchase a new smart phone, specifically the design, users would then ponder the technical specs that a device has to proffer. In both cases, whether appearances or “personality” are significant to you, the UMi Plus E is a champ either way. Approaching with a 5.5-inch HD display, which is sufficient for the average smart phone user, the display moreover has the additional perk of approaching with Sunlight Display skill, meaning intensity and color really automatically bends for your viewing enjoyment.

  1. Security is a topmost priority

And, while talking around privacy, UMi’s Plus E has actually got it down in this region too. UMi cuts no angles and combined a Touch ID 2.1 finger print scanner for the final security feature. The UMi device is moreover promised Android 7.0 Nougat, sense you will acquire all of the security features and additional goodies from the newest update of Android also.

  1. camera and battery life to create others jealous

By the UMi Plus E’s 13 MP camera, taking images and shooting videos are elegant, plus you could shoot 4K videos in a cinch. All of this is supported through the smartphone’s higher-than-the-norm battery volume of 4,000 mAh, which we are certain would last for a complete two days of heavy norm. Now, that is saying something. Plus, if you overlook to charge your cool phone, it is no big deal through the fast-charging PE+ 2.5° Rapid Charge, so you won’t be examining for a socket however you are out and about.