The light emitting diode popularly known as the LED has become very common nowadays and people seem to like the bulb more than ever. Even though more expensive than the normal bulb, is gaining popularity all over. It is better to start putting up the similar bulb in your homes, which is an energy efficient source. The commercial sector is utilizing more of LED lights than residential sector. For companies, it also reduces their costs, because there are long working hours.

LEDPrices for LED

Although the price of a light emitting diode is quite high than the normal bulb, but is gaining popularity. People are opting all the more for this source of light. With the increase in use and aggressive selling by large retailers like home depot and Lowe’s the prices for the LED are decreasing slowly. Plus the advancement in modern technology also has made it possible to lower the cost of a LED.

Pros over usage of light emitting diodes

The LED apart from being priced a little higher has quite a number of advantages to it also. The LEDs utilize less power consumption. Their life is much more than the normal bulb. The size is quite small, which can be fitted in any shaped bulb holders. They have improved physical robustness. Their switching on and off is comparatively faster than the normal tube light and even the bulb. Opt for this energy efficient source today for your homes.

Software improved for LED

With the advancement in technology, software applications are being developed by IT companies that help make LEDs more modern and easy to use for man. Since the LED light with the help of a chip inside it, applications are being developed in that chip. This will enable a person to control the LED, such as changing the colour of the light with the help of their smart phones and tablets as well.

Sales increased over the years

The sale of LED bulbs has increased over the years irrespective of its high price. It was confirmed by retailers and sellers that the sales of LED have increased over the years more than any other lightning source. It is even expected that the sale of LEDs will be maximum in the years to come. With the sales for LEDs raising high, many big brands for mobiles, laptops and street lamps as well have started to use the technology of LED. Even the quite popular LED televisions which are hitting the market with high sales also use the same technology.

Longer life of LEDs

The LEDs even though priced at a rate of $25 – $30 are quite better as their shelf life is considered. A single LED works for as long as nine to ten years. Whereas a normal bulb costs hardly $10, but can fuse at any point, without the surety of working for a specific time period. With the upcoming success of LEDs all over, many big brands are also investing in for LEDs and their advance technology.