Obamacare is a topic of discussion in the United States. There has been rising concern about the effects of Obamacare on health insurances of different individuals and organizations investing in different policies, and as a result the economy and financial condition of the country. There have been some conflicting and contradicting results coming up from the discussion, which is making a conclusion even more difficult.

The immediate response to Obamacare was that everyone with health insurance, or even remotely connected to the health insurance business, in the United States of America would go bankrupt. This response however changed in the following days when rare cases of changes in premium to the advantage of the insurance holder started to come up.

ObamacareThe health care costs in the country are extremely high. So to cover the health care costs, health insurance is necessary. Due to Obamacare, there was to be a change in the premium to be paid by the insurance holder. An increase in the premium would be a disadvantage whereas a decrease in the premium will be regarded as an advantage for the insurance holder.

The Affordable Care act is making a significant impact on the premium of insurance policies. According to the act, there can be no discrimination in the premium to be paid by an insurance holder based on the gender of the person. This changes the present rate of premium for insurance policies both for the men as well as the women, and the effect of the change cannot be estimated.

However, after the issuance of this law and the execution, there have been some cases where the premium of the insurance holder has gone down. These cases have proven to be of some comfort to the insurance holder who is still waiting on a confirmation about the change in their insurance premiums.

The polls and surveys that were made regarding the Obamacare and its effects on the insurance policy premiums mainly considered the families and the small businesses. The impact of the same on individual policy holders were not so strongly taken under consideration. So the polls reflected a rather drastic result where everyone will go bankrupt. The real situation, however, is not so drastic, and although the premiums may go up in some cases, in other cases they have reportedly come down, so in general it balances out the effect of Obamacare on insurance policy premiums is nullified.

The health care prices are very high in the country. Some may relate the absurd prices with the best medical care possible, but the country has failed to deliver best medical care in the past repeatedly.

Health care and health insurance reform was indeed necessary in the United States of America. The health insurance premiums have been already on the rise even before the Obamacare came into action, ad blaming the hike in premium on Obamacare would be unjust. Obamacare brings along some necessary reforms that the citizens of the United States were craving for from a long time back.