If you’ve been on the road for several years, you’re probably already well aware of how important it is to successfully drop off your loads at their intended destinations.  With each haul, you not only gain experience while driving, but you also learn more about what your goals are and what each company is trying to achieve.

If you’re interested in becoming an owner-operator, learning more about expedited trucking jobs is a great way to open up opportunities in other aspects of the industry.

What Is Expedited Trucking?

As the term implies, expedited trucking is just that- expedited.  It’s typically the chosen method when the company that you’re hauling for is looking for the quickest way to get a load to its destination without having to worry about a driver making any stops along the way. Major companies that do a lot of same-day or two-day deliveries, such as Amazon.com, often seek out this option to ensure their customers receive products in a timely fashion.

What Is Your Role?

As a driver, your role seems simple enough: get the load to where it needs to be at the time it is supposed to be there. Of course, it’s a little more complex than that.  Delivering the cargo on time is undoubtedly important, but getting it there safely is paramount. Follow best practices, plan the best route, and always put safety first.