Choosing the right equipment for your bar and grill can be an uphill battled. If you want to write a success story, then you have to set everything up correctly as a bar and grill can be quite tricky to master. Blending restaurant equipment with bar equipment is not a walk in   park. There are factors you have to consider when: Obtaining, using and maintaining equipment.


  1. Do research: You should lay the ground work before doing any mega shopping for your catering equipment. You should put into consideration the type of restaurant you want to open and its theme, for instance if it is a fast food restaurant or a snack bar. Knowing the types of dishes that will be prepared in your grill makes it easier to make the right choice. It would be smart to consult someone with experience in the industry.
  2. Planning: In any venture, planning is a necessary tool. It will enable you budget and avoid unnecessary expenditure in the future. Being able to draw a plan for the catering equipment is necessary; for what reason and doing a pre-visit before buying puts you in the right to put your mouth where your money is.
  • Setting up furniture and storage facility: Before acquiring any catering equipments, you should first find the matching furniture as well as the storage. Don’t rush to buy if you do not have a place to store your equipment. Put shelves, drawers and tables and even counters in place first. By doing this you will avoid breakage and any loss.


  1. User manuals: It is a common human instinct to dispose boxes after buying any valuables. However, if you are going to run a successful bar and grill, ensure you keep your manuals. It is not just important to keep them but also study them. Keeping a manual will be good for future reference incase of any difficulties.
  2. Warranty: Sign and keep the warranty receipts. Warranty keeps you away from repair costs. You should find a suitable way to keep your receipts for reference incase of any default failure. Some equipment may be costly and replacing them could hurt your business.
  • Teach your employees: An experienced staff is any boss’ dream. Teaching your workers their way around the equipment makes work a little easier and more beneficial. The user manuals should be accessible to all the employees for their reference. Knowing how to handle these catering equipments keeps you away from unnecessary accidents and breakages which will make you dent into your pocket.
  1. Hygiene: Keep your equipment clean and sanitized. When running a restaurant, sanitation should be your top notch priority. Any sign of untidiness could cause you a big blow. Being able to keep up with hygiene standards put in place can be a plus for your business. Ensure your staff keep the equipment clean at all times. No one would want to use a ‘not so clean’ plate.
  2. Storage: Ensure your storage facility is large enough and sturdy for all your equipment. The compartment should be out of reach from too much traffic to save you from unnecessary breakage. You should also make strong cases for the bar catering equipments, keeping in mind alcohol may spook unbecoming behavior.


  1. Stainless steels: It is necessary to ensure your steel equipment remains stainless from rust. Knowing the right way to clean and store will keep your catering instruments long running.
  2. Servicing moveable equipments: Frequent servicing of movable kitchen ware will increase their running life. Ensure they do not turn rusty.

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the most atmospheric bars in Columbia MO