Whatever happens to the economy of a country, people will always be in need of new clothes. So, if you run a clothing store, it is essential to know how to get inventory for your clothing store. The brand that is most opted for and the demographic that you cater for will help you in deciding which inventories you should get for your store.

Below we have mentioned few tips that will help you make a decision on how you can get the inventory sorted for your clothing store.



  • Get a license


First things first, to make sure that you and your store don’t run into any legal troubles, get a business license or a seller’s permit. Depending upon the country you live in, the process to acquire such a license may vary from place to place. So, to make sure you are getting the updated information about licensing and other legal formalities, check the government website and visit respective offices personally. This will help you to get an idea of the documents that will be needed to apply for the required permits and licenses.


  • Choose a style


Choosing a style will help you to specialise in a specific type of clothing line. This will help your store get more fame compared to housing a single variety of clothing. For example, you can stock up your store with athletic sportswear, vintage bridal dresses or apparels for kids. Whatever you choose, make sure you are investing carefully and it doesn’t cause a hefty loss.


  • Set a purchasing strategy


Now that you have decided about the kind of clothes you want to sell, you’ll have to decide on the manufacturer who’ll be best for what you have in mind. There are many domestic and overseas manufacturers who will leave you confused. If you decide to buy wholesale clothes from overseas manufacturers in bulk, you will have to pay less. But, you might face communication issues and have to deal with the hassle of shipping the consignments from overseas. On the other side, working with domestic manufacturers will cost you more but you can have better communication with them and can easily get the desired merchandise within a few days.


  • Getting an inventory


You can stock up on your inventory from several places. Take a look at online clothing directories like Maker’s Row located in United States of America or Alibaba located in Asia. If you are looking forward to buying wholesale merchandise of a specific brand, check out their website and look for wholesale contact information. There are many stores that have to clear their last year’s stock to make room for new stock. Using this to your advantage, buy wholesale clothes from liquidation website like closeoutcentral.

You can also get ideas about other inventories from local fashion schools as they have great contacts with wholesale clothing manufacturers. If you want to meet up with lots of manufacturers in a short time, attend trade shows like Kingpins Show or DG Expo. You can also attend clothing trade fair and exhibitions that will be taking place in the UK.


  • Meet the manufacturer


After you finalised on the manufacturer for your clothing store, visit them to get an idea of the quality of the inventory you will be selling. You may have exchanged a few emails and phone calls, but it is always better to have a face to face meeting to clear any doubts or misunderstandings.


  • Storing products


One of the most important aspects of getting the inventory for your clothing store is to know the proper way to store it. Ensure that you are storing clothes in containers they came in or heavy duty plastic boxes that will keep moisture and dust at bay. Make sure that your warehouse is clean, dry and free of rodents so they don’t ruin your merchandise. Also, ensure that your warehouse is insured in case it catches fire or gets robbed. Having a warehouse insurance will save you from facing a huge loss in business.

Now that your store is loaded with all the clothings, let people know that you are selling them quality merchandise. Promote your store by sending flyers across your neighbourhood and arrange for early bird discounts for customers who come first.  

We hope the above shared tips help you get idea of getting the inventory sorted for your clothing store.