Face it; most of us are spoiled in ways we think are just the norm. When we shop in the U.S. in places like New York or in London on the Marylebone high street and we have our bags toted for us to the car we come to expect these things. However, there are places frequently visited where you are lucky you don’t have to shoot your own pig just to get your own back bacon if you know what I mean. Here we will show you what to expect when you shop in Eastern Europe as these places are considered chic places to frequent; but if you are not prepared you may end up a little shocked!

Marylebone, Marylebone London, Marylebone High Street, Marylebone Village, Marylebone business directory
Marylebone, Marylebone London, Marylebone High Street, Marylebone Village, Marylebone business directory

– Not for the Shopper in a Rush or should we say Russian?

Welcome to the Soviet style shops. This is a place whereby you will spend a little time with a sales-person then the next step is to obtain a receipt from a cashier and back to the original sales-person for your item. Heaven help you if you are in a rush, you may feel tempted to leave before you get started so be sure you really want what you want before attempting it as they will have no inspiration to change their system for you.

– BYOB? :

In the Western world this most commonly means bring your own bottle; of booze that is, to a party. In Eastern Europe this means bring your own bag. Either purchase reusable bags at or outside the shop or save the plastic!

– Check it at the Door:

If you are wearing or carrying anything larger than a women’s hand bag or wearing any kind of winter coat, expect that you are going to leave it at the door with a checker or if you hit it lucky, in a locker. This is not like shopping in Marylebone high street, it is a little sketchy here so be cautious.

– Have Small Bills:

Be prepared that you will shop at places that will not have change for large bills, especially in small villages that do not have international chain stores. Also do your research ahead of time and make sure of who takes credit and who does not.

In conclusion, these are a few tips that will save you an insane amount of inconvenience and it will also leave a better taste in your mouth about another culture. Whether you are at Marylebone or the former USSR we are all different, it’s what makes the world go round.