Turkey is a wonderful country to visit for those looking for a great family holiday destination. Full of culture with European and Asian influences, there are hundreds of things for visitors to see, do and experience when taking a holiday there. Below are the best things to do and see in turkey:


The largest city in Turkey, it has been conquered by nearly every civilization, mostly due to its status as a major trading city. This has helped to give the city a wealth of influences from the world. Visit the Roman baths, the magnificent Haigi Sofia or the Topkapi Palace, the primary home of the ottoman sultans for almost 400 years.


The capital of the country is again crammed with history, architecture and culture. Ankaras landmark memorial is The Anitkabir, a massive 17m high structure that stands as the tomb of Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal Atatrk. The city is fundamental in the export of the countries wine; go and taste history for yourself at the capitals oldest winery, Kavaklidere.

Best Things To Do And See In Turkey


Not often considered as a place to visit, this peculiar area is one of Turkeys best kept secrets. This is a collection of man-made cities carved deep into the sides of mountains which have been inhabited since the prehistoric ages. There are a total of 36 of these cities, with some having a population of 200,000 people complete with churches, wine cellars and even schools. This fantastic place is not one to miss.

The Ruins of Ephesus

This international tourist spot was once apart of Ephesus, the second largest city of the Roman Empire. It is best known for the Temple of Artemis, one of ancient wonders of the world, which was destroyed in 401AD. The site today lies just south of Seluk, among the sites are the library or Celsus, reconstructed suing original pieces, the temple of Hadrian and the great theatre, the largest of the ancient world with over 40,000 seats.

Icemeler Beach

If you get tired of history, why not settle down on the luxurious sands of Icmeler beach. With temperatures soaring to over 40 degree Celsius in the summer, you can ensure to get a striking golden tan. A whole range of water sports are available for you service, from jet skiing to scuba diving in crystal clear waters with a myriad of marine wildlife and more other amazing things to do.

So there you have it, but remember this is only a small number of the possibilities. One of the best ways to have a great holiday is to head there and discover for yourself. Or if you need even more guidance why not book your holiday with a specialist company who can take you on

In conclusion in the event that you would like to visit Turkey and have good times in above places then it becomes essential to book a turkey visa as the Turkish law requires so as to be allowed to stay in the country for some time as you visit the above places.