Lehigh Anthracite presents the highest quality coal for various uses. Revived a few years ago, the company offers a one of a kind way to attain high quality coal at an affordable price. With all mechanisms needed for processing on site, the company is one of the top anthracite coal suppliers in the state of Pennsylvania. Safety is at the helm of its operations; the company operates with both efficiency and efficacy to serve its customers and deliver the highest quality of coal. Their fleet contains top branded machines that are constantly being maintained and updated thus ensuring that the site operates at its optimum at all times.

Anthracite coal is a form of mineral coal that is hard and compact. It contains the fewest impurities of all types of coal and can be used for a myriad of purposes. These include: power generation, water filtration, the manufacturing of steel, injection carbon, charge carbon and supplying heat to homes during the winter. The product supplied by this company has met the stringent standards required and contains low sulfur, high fixed carbon and ultra low-volatile matter. This means that the product is of the highest grade available and is safe for consumption around the family, irrespective of age.

A company with a commitment to both the community and the environment, they promise to keep those impacted by its operations and their best interests in mind at all times. The environment in Pennsylvania is a primary resource for coal and as such, the company has ensured that the environment can recover after processing. Their pledge to reclaim and restore land as it is mined by bringing it back to its original contour allows for this recovery to take place. Their pledge to the community is one that is two-fold. Lehigh promises to supply its community members with employment and to be a constant source of support for charitable events. In this way, as the company grows, so will the community.


Here is a company that is constantly aiming to improve. By providing a highly competitive remuneration package, they ensure that their employees are taken care of so that they will put out their best on the job. The company’s policy is to have a timely delivery on all orders with great emphasis being placed on customer service. This first step made by the company pays off in the end, due diligence and care are carried out from the beginning of the workday to when the customers have received their orders.

Quality is a main attribute when looking for any product suitable for the home; you will not be disappointed in the service provided by them. They are not only focused on the product but their commitment to quality extends to all spheres; as a corporate citizen, employer and supplier of a product relied upon by so many consumers. With more than 10 sizes and blends and an avenue for personal touch readily available, a reliable and affordable anthracite coal supplier is available online or by phone at Lehigh Anthracite.