Planning on which destination to travel to you need to consider a lot of things romance being one of the most important aspect among others. In the world there are a few but most romantic destinations that you can visit during your vacations and the following is a list of those few places.


On the southern African coast that is where you can fine the city which is an escaping destination with luscious coastline and paradise features that are classic. This is one place that you can spend a whole day as you explore the world’s smallest capital city. Some of the outdoor activities to do in Seychelles include fishing, mountain biking and also relaxing at the beach.

The Maldives 

This is one place with a romantic setting where you will only be you and your loved one. There are outdoor places where you can have your time together like the secluded islands of Maldives. At Maldives the weather is fabulous almost throughout the year and you can have good time as you relax in the magical palm trees and the coral reef islands. For the outdoor activities nothing much apart from snorkeling and going round the spa resorts around.

Greek Island Hopping 

Greece would be the best option for those who don’t fancy a long haul flight. Throughout the year the weather if fine and the coastline becomes the more exotic destination with variety of sumptuous hotels which has self-catering villas. The easy interchanges and short distances has made the place to be a romantic prospect

Few Most Romantic Travel Destinations

Riviera Maya, Mexico 

This happens to be the home of the most paradisiacal beaches in Mexico and it sits on a 50 acres that comprises of an organic spa and two swimming pools. The spa is Mayan styled domed steam rooms, a gourmet restaurant where you can have a stunning view of the two mile beach.

Lake District, UK 

There is a stylish lakeside resort in the Newlands valley a place with the England’s richest terrain, lush greenery and moody lakes. This is the best place where you can view the British’s sunset from a private spot.

Eden Rock, St. Barths, Caribbean 

Among the Caribbean islands, this is one place that has managed to acquire itself a name as the sexiest, starriest and showiest. The island has been known to be heavy on romance and it is place you can spend your time as a couple undisturbed.


The beaches are well trodden by tourists from all over the world including backpackers, well- heeled, and also a destination for sensational romance. There are a lot of places that as couple can spend time including the secluded southernmost tip of Bali.

Paris, France 

This one of the best known romantic place in the world with its charming streets where you can indulge in delicious culinary delights, take a moonlit cruise down the seine, and variety of hotels where you have an option to choose on where to stay.

Before traveling make sure your documents are ready and for how long is esta valid to avoid any inconvenience during your romantic holiday.