IP-based surveillance systems provide businesses of all sizes with substantial benefits, which is why it’s no surprise that they have become a standard feature of modern security systems.

IP video management systems allow you to effectively manage your surveillance in order to make security easier and more efficient. Use it to improve operations, save money for your business, and reduce criminal activities to keep your people and property safe.

Advantages of IP Video Management

IP video management solutions offer several benefits for business owners that cannot be matched by analog systems. With superior image quality, easy installation and integration, remote accessibility, flexibility, and better scalability, it is easy to see how these systems can benefit any industry.

Simple, Reliable Installation

One of the great things about IP surveillance systems is that they are quick and easy to install. Many cameras these days are simply plug-and-play and use a single cable for everything.

Scalability and Flexibility

Implementing an IP video surveillance solution allows businesses to easily expand video surveillance operations as the company grows, in a cost-effective manner. IP video products can be installed in stages, for individual applications.

While you may want to start by installing cameras at the cash registers, you can eventually move on to back storage rooms, loading docks, distribution centers, and more as your business expands.

Remote Access

One of the great advantages of using IP systems is that you can log in to a secure server remotely, simply by using a web-based interface. This allows you to easily view real-time footage straight from your desktop or mobile device.

Cost Savings

When it comes to improving security, many business owners worry about the added expense. While security is critical, you still need to stay within your budget. Since these solutions run on IP networks, you enjoy significant savings related to storage.

By centralizing your video surveillance operations, you can get the maximum value out of your legacy equipment. Network video systems can even provide you with valuable insight into how you can improve customer flow and sales, adding additional value to your investment.

Improved Operations

The deployment of IP megapixel cameras, video analytics, automatic alerts, and other video surveillance functionalities allow you to effectively improve video surveillance operations.

Using cameras with improved image quality and situational awareness means you can clearly see what is happening in a precise location at any particular time. More importantly, when it comes to locating the videos, the video management system makes the process quick and simple.

Reducing Criminal Activities

It is quite common for suspicious behaviors and crimes to go unnoticed since companies often lack the time to watch or review the appropriate footage.

Video management solutions bring intelligence into the camera itself. That means they offer built-in features such as video motion detection, active tampering alarm, input/output connections and audio detection alarms that will automatically respond to certain events.

The system will respond with the appropriate action, such as recording or sending out a notification. No longer will you have to worry about criminal activities going unnoticed due to lack of time or efficiencies.

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